Thursday, January 10, 2013

13 Maxims to live by 2013

In this post, I have listed 13 Maxims to live by 2013..

Every Day
1) Exercise - Just do it! (However.. Whenever.. Where ever - Does not matter) - For at least 30 minutes
2) Eat healthy. Eat right!- Every single time! (OK. One cheat day allowed in a week :)
3) Smile. Laugh - Even if it is to yourself, and for a few minutes, it is worth it!
4) Look at the sky & dream :)
6) Listen to music (Anything you like) - For at least 30 minutes (Can club with exercise :)
7) Time-Box TV Time and Internet Time

Every Week
8) Talk to that special someone who you love / who loves you (friend, family,.... anyone)
9) Do one thing you love and makes you really happy
10) Read something new

Every Month
11) Treat yourself to a special life experience (Can be anything really!)
12) Review your personal finances

For the Year
13) Learn a new hobby / something you've always wanted to

And the Special Mantra
Be good, Be kind and Do a random good deed once in a way!

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