Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 : What I'll be blogging about?

2013 is here - It is the start of a new year.
Firstly, Happy New year 2013 to you! Wishing you good health, happiness and joys, prosperity, success, fulfilling relationships and dreams come true!

If you're a regular reader on my blog, I'd like to say THANK YOU for reading my blogs.

Hmm.. Well 2013 is also a new chapter in my blogging journey and I thought I'll start by giving a quick snap-shot of what I'll be blogging about

So here are my plans for this blog for the year.
So what will I be blogging about?
True to the blog name VERVE : The Quintessence of my Life, I will be blogging about my journey through life - which will include observations, outlook, views, thoughts, emotions, perspectives, achievements, lessons learnt, comprehensions, experiences and conclusions

What Special Series will I be doing this year?
I will continue the Social Good Series which I started in 2012. As a part of this series, I  will feature individuals / groups / organizations which are pursuing a cause for the social good. The aim of this series is to generate awareness and also to provide an avenue in case you want to help / contribute towards a specific area / cause.

In addition, I will also complete the Indian Festival Series which I started in 2012. As a part of this Series, I usually write a short overview on each of the festivals celebrated in India. 

In addition, I am planning to start 3 new series
Series 1: Nischala's ABC Series in which I will share some nuggets of life starting with a specific alphabet in each post. For e.g.: 9 C's for Success, or the 3 Most Important A's of Life
Series 2 : Nischala's Blog-o-Q? (Question) Series in which I will share answers to some questions which I research about. Something as basic as Why are school buses usually painted Yellow? OR The mysteries of the universe OR The fascinating ascpects of the human body, etc etc etc.  The objective is to learn and share what I learn ..  
Series 3 : Nischala's Blog-o-Review Series in which I will write a review on a book, blog, movie, TV serial, idea or business venture. I do plan to post atleast one review a month.

How frequently will I publish on this blog?
I will be posting once a week. In case I have something compelling to blog about, I will publish more than one post.
The typical schedule will be as below
Week 1: Nischala's ABC Series
Week 2: Nischala's Blog-o-Q
Week 3: Nischala's Pondering - Any interesting topic / thought that crosses my mind
Week 4: Nischala's Blog-o-Review

When will I publish new posts?
Weekly every Tuesday at 3:30 PM IST [This is the first one :)]

Will I accept Guest Posts?
No. As of now I am not accepting any Guest Posts for this blog.

I am happy to announce that I have collaborated with MoozLive! Social Community. I will be occasionally posting about and for them.

If you'd like me to write about anything in specific, leave a comment to let me know.
If you have any specific feedback / suggestions / comments on my writings and / or blogs, please leave a comnment to let me know. I will respond to you!

Happy New Year 2013! Have a FANTASTIC year ahead!

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