Friday, January 4, 2013

Life Lessons of 2012

It's 4th January 2013.. And we're well into the new year..

During a discussion yesterday, a lot of people were talking about the year gone by 2012. Most of them were sharing important milestones of life (which usually involved marriage, kids, jobs, hikes, re-location, buying houses / cars / farm-houses, expensive holidays / vacation, special family moments, personal crisis, world economy, state of society, politics,...)...

Nobody really spoke of what they LEARNED

After all, we've all lived 1 more year ..
Had 12 months of good, bad and ugly
52 weeks of the rain, sun and rainbows
And 365 days of life experience

And Life is undoubtedly the BEST TEACHER

So I asked myself what did I learn in 2012? What were the Life Lessons I took away..

(1) Dream new dreams every once in a way. There is infinite power in dreams

(2) Health is wealth. It is worthwhile to invest 30 minutes everyday for your own health

(3) What you eat determines what you feel, what you think, how creative you are and what you do. Make wise choices on what you eat

(4) If you can control your mind and your thoughts, you are in a good place. This requires conscious effort and everyday practice. Yoga and Meditation help immensely

(5)  Positivity (in your thoughts, in your environment and in the people you associate with) can do wonders for your well being

(6) Once in a way, do something out of your "comfort-zone". You will learn something new about yourself and discover a new life experience

(7) Pain and Pleasure are personal, subjective and contextual..

(8) One discovers and learns more about yourself after the birth or death of someone you love

(9) Creation is the Hardest... Consumption is Easier.. Criticism easiest..

(10)  Spend some "ME-Time" every day. Time with yourself and for yourself. You will be in a peaceful and contented zone

(11) Everyday, do something you love for 15 minutes. It will make an ocean of difference in your life

(12) Sleep is the best medicine for most ailments of the body, mind and heart

(13) If you really want to do something, do it now.. Else it will never really get done.

(14) If you want to develop one good habit from today - Start by getting up a 15 minutes early. Makes a HUGE difference

(15) To get what you need in life, sometimes all you need to do is ASK!

(16) Learning to say NO can be greatly empowering and liberating. Try it today!

(17) Ability to deal with change is one of the most important skills which one should build in today's day and age

(18) Time is your most precious and valuable asset. Treasure it. Value it. And use wisely

(19) Read something new and interesting everyday. Reading improves your concentration, creativity, imagination, literary skills and time management skills!

(20) Make learning a TOP Priority in your life. You will grow and evolve in ways you can never imagine

(21) Do a random good deed once in a way. You will feel happy

(22) Clarity precedes Mastery; Mastery precedes Clarity

(23) How you speak (words, speed, tone, language, volume) makes an ocean of difference in the response you elicit in others... 

(24) Having personal objectives is critical for learning, growth, development and overall well-being

(25) You learn best through experience, interaction, observation, introspection and internalization

(26) There is phenomenal power in FOCUS and Doing ONE Thing at a TIME

(27) The best response to some life situations is silence, ignorance or acceptance    

(28) What is valuable to one may be invaluable to another. And value is subjective.. - Based on individual context and perceptions

(29) Having a strong network of friends and family makes an ocean of difference in the many storms of life. Do build and enhance your personal network. After all, life has its share of storms

(30) The BEST thing about YOU is YOU!  

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