Friday, January 25, 2013

So Many Indian Authors.. and More Coming..

Ever since I resumed reading actively in 2012, I have been exposed to several new Indian authors..
Interesting to observe
A range of age groups (from child authors to retired professionals),
A range of professions (from students, to teachers, to CEO's to Mom's to ...),
A range of genres (from Fiction, to Non-Fiction, to Business, to Finance, to Self-Help)
A range of literary stiles (from prose to poetry....)

Earlier (read as years ago) when I used to walk into a book shop or lounge around airport book-stores, there were hardly any sections exclusively for Indian Authors.. Now I found several racks of them with so many Indian authors, and so many new books from Indian authors

I can't help wonder why so many people write?
Is it to share?
Is it for name?
Is it for fame?
Is it for money? (And I don't think that all authors really make money)
Is it to fulfill a dream?
Is it because they have time to write?
Is it because they want to create an impact?
Is it because they want to make a difference?
Is it because they want to leave a legacy?

On one hand, its great to see so many individuals taking the plunge to writing and becoming authors (I guess many of them feel like celebrities / mini-celebrities in select circles) - After all how many people an average Indian knows are published authors?
But on the other hand, I wonder who reads all these books? - Given that we are all so pressed for time and reading appears to be the hobby (or luxury) of a select (& elite) few...

On one hand, its great that so many individuals are expressing their dreams, hopes, imagination, stories, "real-life stories", literary skills, thoughts, wisdom, messages, desires through their books and writing
But on the other hand, I wonder if all stores are worth knowing, sharing and reading

On one hand, being a one-time author is a great personal satisfaction
But on the other hand, I wonder if these are all one book authors or will end up to be serial authors who can really make a difference and impact in the world through their writings and books

On one hand, I observe (and am happy) that a lot many new women writers finding their calling in writing and books
But on the other hand, I wonder if  more women writing and expressing their voices through books is an indication of something larger - The beginning of a social change?

On one hand, I find that many of the authors are "part-time" authors, i.e, They have other jobs / do several things beyond writing
But on the other hand, I wonder if we need more "full-time" authors to create literary masterpieces (And I know that full time writing is probably not a pre-requsite to create a literary masterpiece, but the thought lingers)

On one hand, publishing your own book is a matter of great personal satisfaction...
But on the other hand, I wonder how many authors truly appreciate and understand the process of creating a book (which is really a piece of art)

On one hand, it is a indeed a matter of great honor and pride to be a published author
But on the other hand, the writing, literary quality and editing of several books is very sub-standard and average that you just cannot read the whole book, and I don't know if any reader will really give a second chance to any author

On one hand, I do believe writing a book involves focus, discipline, rigor, creativity and literary skills ; and am happy that more people in India are developing these key life-skills
But on the other hand, I wonder if there is any way they can teach these life skills to people around them - friends, family, children, etc. etc

I wonder a little..
I wonder a lot..
I wonder a lot lot more.....

But it is a good sign
And it makes me happy that more people are writing
And hopefully more people will read
And that builds a reading community
Which helps in learning, thinking, dreaming, questioning...

Good Luck to all the Indian Authors..
May there be more books
And more food for thought...

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