Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When life gives you a beating

When life gives you a beating
When nothing seems to be fair
When thing's don't go right
When it's all just not the way you planned, you wanted or you thought

When people you trust
Let you down
Hurt you in unimaginable ways
And leave you with no options

When people you love
Say and Do things
Which indicate that
They no longer love or care

When you're in pain
Physical pains - Beyond what you can endure
Emotional pains - Beyond what your heart can take
Mental pains - Beyond the sanity of your mind
Financial pains - Beyond what is realistically feasible
Pain of relationships - Beyond it all....

And you feel all alone

When you are Unsure
Of yourself
Of relationships
Of people
Of society
Of the world

Then what can you do?
Then what should you do?

Accept? - What is in your control and what is beyond your control
Pray? - For strength, For hope, For a better tomorrow
Dream? - A new dream to give you hope
Give-Up? - On old thoughts, old ways and old desires
Move-On? - To new beginnings, To fresh starts
Let-Go? - Of the past, The bitterness, The negativity

1 comment:

  1. Have faith that things sort themselves out..and give up expectations ( or anything, of anyone ) :)