Friday, February 1, 2013

Give Give Give

Give Give Give
You were born to Give

From the first breath
To the very last
You were born to Give

Give Love
Give Time
Give Care
Give Respect

Give your Emotions
Give your Head
Give your Heart
Give your Thoughts
Give your Ideas
Give your Money
Give your Mind
Give your Body
Give your Soul

Give unconditionally
Give unconditionally
Give up dreams
Give up desires
Give up reason
Give up relationships
Give up happiness
Give up name
Give up reason

And for all that
Here's what I promise
Promise to Care
Promise to Love
Promise to Protect
Promise to Provide
Promise to Preserve
Promise to Safeguard
Promise to be There always
And then fails to keep the promise

And yet
She endures
She bears
She hopes
She dreams
She battles
She lives
She prays
She survives
And sometimes, she also smiles

And to top it all
After all the giving
He hurts
He mocks
He torments
He insults
He humiliates
And says  sometimes "Is that all you can give?"
And says sometimes "Give Give Give some more"
And says sometimes "Why did you give?"

How much to endure?
How much to sacrifice?
How much to cry?

Is it really worth it?
Who is HE?
Who is SHE?

And just WHY?

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