Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nischala's Blog-o-Review : Book - Eat Pray Love BY Elizabeth Gilbert

Name of the Book : Eat Pray Love
Author : Elizabeth Gilbert (On Twitter @GilbertLiz)
ISBN : 978-0-670-03471-0
Category : Non-Fiction
Pages :  352
Publisher : Penguin Books
Publishing Year : 2006
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NOTE : Book is converted to a major motion picture in 2010 starring Julia Roberts

Book Synopsis
The book traces the journey of a women in her mid-30's going through a phase of life when she is "discontent" with life - In spite of having things going well for her (atleast at the face of it). She ends up depressed, sad, lonely - and also desperately wants a divorce to liberate her from her current existence.

Her quest for the true meaning of life take her on a year long journey across Italy, India and Indonesia.
In Italy, her focus is food which is the only purpose of her existence
In India, her focus is on prayer and her "spiritual quest" to find the deeper meaning of life - where she finds inner peace through service, silence and quiet, & of course meditation
In Indonesia, she meets her new "love" & also creates bonds with new friends; and life takes a new meaning from here!

What I liked about the book?
* Honest and written from the heart
* She shares about her personal journey in a very transparent manner - giving details of her innermost thoughts and deepest emotions - which is truly admirable. Personally, I think this is really admirable and requires great strength of character!
* Dash of humor to complement the serious tone of the book in many places ; which makes it a refreshing read
* She has provided facts , data and lots of valuable information at several places in the book - which makes it an enriching read. So there is a great opportunity to learn new things about Italy, India and Indonesia

Book Ruminations
* While the book will make you think and ponder about "How life could be?" or "How life would be?" - I think the larger question for many of us to think about is "What is meant to be?"

* I do admire the fact that Elizabeth embarked on this journey (and also think that she was lucky that she could do so!) - It requires courage, real courage to go and live for a year in foreign lands among unknown names and faces. Can't help but wonder "How many of us truly have such courage? What stops us from doing what we really want to do and believe in?"

* I also loved the fact that she was so focused on her objectives in every leg of her personal quest. "Again, how many of us are focused in what we do?". And sometimes this FOCUS is what can make the real difference in each of our lives!

* I also personally respect the fact that she is so aware of her emotions at every phase; and in most times very accepting of her emotions. I think that is a great asset in any individual. "How many of us are truly aware and accepting of our emotions and inner turmoils in life?". Many of us ignore them, hide them or lie to ourselves - And end up paying the price in the long run.

Nischala's Final Ratings
Writing Style : A+
Editing : A ( I felt the book could have been better edited in many places to make the writings more crisp and concise)
Message and Take-away : A. The book will make you think about your own life, your past and also ponder over what you really want out of your life. Somewhere the book makes you introspect on the two most important questions for anyone
(1) Who am I?
(2) What am I born to do?
The Magic Formula : Honesty in writing, Sharing about her own personal journey and struggles as a personal memoir - which is a powerful writing form! ; and which has a strong impact on the reader
Overall Rating : A

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