Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What do you judge in others?

Is it their name?
Is it their appearance?
Is it where they come from?
Is it what they did?
Is it what they are doing?
Is it where they are headed?
Is it what they wear?
Is it the people they know?
Is it the people who know of them?
Is it the way they emote?
Is it their words?
Is it their personal net-worth?
Is it where they reside?
Is it how they reside?
Is it their material possessions?
Is it their maturity in dealing with different kinds of situations?
Is it a combination of above?

The wisest people I know
Usually judge only if they believe they are qualified to pass judgment
And seldom pass judgment

What do they usually judge?
1) The way you LAUGH: Simply because your ability to laugh at someone or something is reflective of many things – One your sense of humor, your appetite for humor and whether your laugh is superficial or genuine (and deep from within) – And this is usually a reflection of your character and personality!

2) The QUESTIONS you ask (in public and private): Asking questions is both a skill and art. And to ask good questions you should know when and whom to address a question to (and several times this requires courage to confess that you don’t know something), you should give some thought to how to frame your question, you should have the confidence to ask and more importantly, you should be ready to have your own fundamentals challenged – And again, this requires strength of character to learn something new and also to unlearn something which you thought you knew.

3) The way you establish EYE-CONTACT: Eye-contact is a powerful way to connect, assess and also judge someone. Even if you don’t say a word, a lot can be inferred from the way you establish eye-contact with someone. Eye-contact suggests a lot about your self-confidence, your personality and more importantly, your personal strength of character, values and integrity.

4) The way you THINK:  Any wise person associates significant value in the way you think. After all, the way you think defines you and your life in more ways than one, and hence it is only imperative to possible judge you on the way you think!

So what do you judge in others? Leave a comment to let me know

Originally published @ http://arkarthick.com/2012/12/05/what-do-you-judge-in-others/. Edited and re-published here

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