Friday, March 15, 2013

20 Things you should De-Clutter regularly

Off late, I've been reading a lot on the importance of "De-Cluttering"...

So what is De-cluttering?
The definition reads as "Remove unnecessary items from an untidy or overcrowded place."

So who decides what's necessary and what's unnecessary?
Of course, YOU!

So who decides what's untidy / overcrowded?
Of course, YOU!

So what are the things you should de-clutter?
1) Mind (Thoughts)
2) Past (especially "negative baggage")
3) Wardrobes (especially Clothes, Accessories, Cosmetics, Shoes, etc.)
4) Kitchen
5) Fridge
6) Rooms at home (especially Bed-rooms, Living rooms, Bathrooms, etc.)
7) Storage spaces at home (Drawers, Closets, Shelf, Attic, etc.)
8) Mailbox
9) Hard Disk
10) Social Media Profiles (For e.g.: People you follow on Twitter, Number of profiles you have should be in line with usage, etc.)
11) Books
12) Work space (Office / Home)
13) Tables / Reading area
14) Relationships
15) Excess weight ?
16) Emotions!
17) Online data
18) Papers and Documentation
19) Personal Finances (especially liabilities and a very diversified asset / investment portfolio which is hard to manage and track in the long run)
20) Negativity (in all forms from your life) - Thought, Word, People and Deeds

Ending with LESS is MORE! I'm starting De-cluttering today.. What about YOU?

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