Saturday, March 16, 2013

3 years on this blog, 430+ posts later.. Am I any wiser?

Looking back at my blog archive, today is the day I published my first public post on this blog (i.e on 16 March 2010). It was a short post titled "Gap between Knowing and Doing". It was really a passing thought which I wanted to capture, and hence I posted it on my blog..

Over the last 3 years, I have grown as a blogger and published on this blog 430+ posts..
Today, am I any wiser?
Somewhat YES!

My blogging journey has taught me innumerable lessons about myself, writing, blogging, people and life...

Here's what I discovered along this journey:
(1) The only way to get better at something is to do more of it - So if you want to get better at writing, write everyday. I know that my thinking skills and writing skills have improved tremendously in the last 3 years! There is something about writing which brings phenomenal clarity of thought and comprehension of any subject.

(2) Writing on a blog helps you learn and discover more about yourself - Let me just say, "You re-discover yourself and re-connect with yourself in ways which you could never have imagined"

(3) Regularly writing on your blog is a great way to express yourself, your thoughts, your creativity, your views - if nothing else, it does wonders for your overall state of well-being (emotional , intellectual and spiritual)

(4) Reader's reactions and responses to your writings can be completely unpredictable - It's similar to any creative piece of work. Be it a painting, a music album or a movie. You do your bit and best; & then release / publish your work to the world. Fingers crossed, Open mind and Hope for the best

(5) Like with everything else in life, there will be those who will love your work, there will be those who don't like your work and there will be those for whom it does not matter. It's the law of averages. Listen to the critics (but don't take every single word to heart). Listen to the fans (but don't let it get to your head). Be objective, focused, futuristic and positive

(6) Focus on "value" when you publish a post. The post should either be of "value" to you today or 10 years from now or should be "valuable" to your readers today or 10 years from now. If you are not sure about the "value quotient" of your content, then don't publish your blog post

(7) Blogging is a "creative process". Take the time to understand the process. It is worthwhile in the long run

(8) After some time, blogging becomes a part of your life - Like brushing your teeth or sleeping. It becomes a habit, a part of your routine. That's a good zone to be in

(9) Challenge yourself periodically through your blog. Write about topics which you are not comfortable writing about, write in alternate literary styles, launch a new series on your blog, etc. etc - Just push the boundaries and go to a zone of "discomfort", Do things which you've never done before - That will bring the best creative pieces of work and you will learn and grow

(10) Blogging is a journey; Not a destination. Enjoy the journey

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