Saturday, March 30, 2013

The BEST Moments in 2.5 years of Motherhood

In 2011, I had written a post 12 Most Wonderful Moments in the First Year of Motherhood and it received amazing response & feedback; Not to mention that the post went viral! [with the likes of Alyssa Milano (Yes! The singer and Hollywood actress) sharing it...]

A few days back a friend asked me how the motherhood journey has been so far, and what were the highs? [The LOWS are best not spoken about :( , at least till it is mandatory! ]. So was born the idea for this post

So, what are the BEST Motherhood Moments in 2.5 years of Motherhood.. My list below:
(1) The first sight of your baby
(2) The first cry of your baby
(3) Hearty laughs from your baby
(4) The first time your baby recognizes you
(5) The eyes which look for your acknowledgement, appreciation and presence
(6) The first time you cry for your baby
(7) The first time your baby says Mama / Amma / Ma
(8) Moments when your baby relishes the food you cook
(9) The happiness , glow and twinkle in your baby's eyes when you re-unite after a short / long hiatus
(10) The times when you baby makes imaginary tea / food in her toy cups / utensils and serves it to you
(11) The times when your baby feeds you (Oh! It feels wonderful)
(12) When your baby says "I Love you Mama" OR "I am Mama's baby"
(13) Realization that it is your sheer presence which makes a difference
(14) The every day hugs and kisses which are showered in abundance - especially for Mummy
(15) I don't know why! But every night sleep is so much better when your baby clings to you in bed
(16) Sharing a joke / secret with your baby - Which no one else really knows about
(17) When you're baby looks at you and says "Mummy - You look beautiful" - It is DIFFERENT!
(18) The everyday "Good Morning", "Good Night", "Good Day".. It's like music to your ears
(19) The growing vocabulary which never ceases to amaze you
(20) The little baby achievements in your eyes & assessment
(21) Looking at baby pictures / videos and seeing how much you have grown as a mother, individual; and how your baby as grown and evolved 
(22) The moments of sheer genius in babies : or what I call "Little Einstein" moments
(23)  No matter how sad / bad you're feeling otherwise, one thought of your little one can bring a smile to your face, and make life so WORTHWHILE!
(24)  All the times when your baby *listens* to you - Like truly listens and follows (They get fewer and fewer with time, but Oh! so wonderful :)
(25)  Response to the question (especially when Papa asks.. Ha Ha Ha!) - "Whom do you love the most?". Baby answers "Mummy!"
(26)  When your baby displays impeccable behavior in public / private - That it makes you so so proud, and wonder where you went right :)
(27)  Moments of TRUE BLISS and LOVE - Best experienced :)

This post is dedicated to my daughter
This post is dedicated to my mother
This post is dedicated to all mothers

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