Wednesday, April 24, 2013

6 Blogs that I love reading regularly....

A lot of people ask me about my reading habits especially about the blogs that I read.. And more importantly if I find time to read.... Given that I blog so much...

So I thought I'll write a post on this subject:
Yes - I do read blogs.. A lot of blogs in fact.. Based on my current needs, moods and time at hand..
But every single day, I do read at least 10 blog posts - And that is probably one of the BEST INVESTMENT of time that I make everyday!

The fact is this - One of the most important aspects of being a consistent blogger is that YOU HAVE to be a consistent blog reader as well... 

The key reasons being :
(1) You get ideas / creative inspiration for your own writing / blogging efforts
(2) You have an opportunity to build relationships with fellow bloggers via their blogs
(3) You learn so much if you consistently read blogs  - About people, blogging, social media, yourself, life, etc etc etc

Now, coming to the list of 6 Blogs that I love reading regularly (And this is the list as of date. It usually changes over a period of time)

(1) BY Leo Babauta
Undoubtedly, one of the BEST blogs that I have found in the blog-o-sphere. I've been following Leo's blog for years now, and I still love it! Every single post is a "treasure". And what I love about Leo's writing is this - He is honest, writes from experience and most importantly, writes in a simple and detailed fashion - So it is very easy to comprehend the "key message". And the topics he writes about are very relevant and important in anyone's life. So no matter what, I do make sure that I make time to read his blogs regularly. And if there is only ONE blog that I can recommend for you to follow, it would be this. It has changed my thinking in so many many positive ways... And it can do the same to you also. So do stop by the blog

(2) Michael Hyatt : Intentional Leadership BY Michael Hyatt
One of the best blogs on Personal Development, Leadership, Productivity and Publishing. Michael writes regularly, writes from his wealth of real-life experiences, writes on a range of topics which are personally relevant to me, uses several media (podcasts, videos, etc.) and more importantly, there is phenomenal "value" that I gain from every single post - Either I learn something new or there is food for thought or I get an idea for my next blog post :)

(3) The Buffer Blog BY Leo Widrich
As the blog header says "A blog about productivity, life hacks, writing, user experience, customer happiness and business.".. This blog is one of my personal favorites.. Leo has a fantastic and wonderfully engaging style of writing - filled with data, facts, explanations, personal experiences and lots of relevant images. Most of the topics he writes about are very relevant and important to people at large (business or otherwise). Most of his posts are longer than the average blogs that I usually read. But I've personally never felt length to be an issue, because he writes so well. Of course, in addition to his own writing, he has a large and engaged reader / follower base. So you can learn a lot by even reading the comments to most of his posts!

(4) The Change Blog BY Peter Clemens
A great blog which focuses on "dealing with change" and change is integral to human life and our own personal journey. The posts are usually from guest authors, and are based on personal real-life experiences. There is usually a powerful take-away from most of the posts - In terms of how individuals have dealt with specific situations where "change" played a critical role. Definitely worth reading to get tips, suggestions or insights into how people deal with / have dealt with changes in their life

(5) Dumb Little Man BY Jay White
As the blog reads "Each week we provide a handful of tips that will save you money, increase your productivity, or simply keep you sane" - That's the focus of the blog. And it includes a great line-up of guest posts in which people share their real-life experiences, learning's and lessons learned.

(6) Much Love BY Preeti Shenoy
Preeti's blog is refreshingly honest, positive and straight from the heart. Her words and pictures inspire, motivate, make you laugh or just bring a positive spin to your day! There's something about the way she writes, which makes readers keep waiting for more, & wanting more :). I know I do look forward to new posts on her blog. And it's no wonder that she has a massive blog reader base.
The other interesting fact is that this is one Indian blog which receives a significant number of comments for every single post - Which in my view is commendable! (especially since I read a zillion blogs and have observed "comment trends" & also blog myself).  As a general trend as of date, most bloggers will agree that there are few comments for even the BEST blogs, so her blog stands out over here. Do stop by her blog, and check out her writings..

Wishing all of them continued success in their blogging journey...

That's my list.. What is on your list? Leave a comment to let me know

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