Sunday, April 14, 2013

A House Full of Fruits - a Delight :)

There's something wonderful about a house full of fruits.. especially in summer time and if you're a fruit lover.. The sheer choice of fruits, the colors, the smells, the sights, the tastes - It's an absolute pleasure and joy for all sense organs... and I love it...

I know of people who feel sad if they don't have fruits and home, and their happiness levels are several notches up just because fruits are available at home :) - I think I qualify !

Fruits make a great healthy snack, packed with fiber and great essential nutrients. The best part is that they are read-to-eat, and involve no cooking effort!(In some case, there's a chopping effort) So good health with little effort - That's a GREAT COMBO! :)

Anyways, just wanted to write about all the summer fruits I've been relishing lately and why I love them?
* Watermelon - Love the taste and the color of the fruit (The green and red are a visual treat )
* Grapes (Green and Black) - Love the juicy taste
* Orange - Love the smell and taste
* Musk Melon - Excellent taste
* Apple - Eat anytime of day or night. Tastes great with black salt and good company (Read kids)
* Coconut - Love the water and the raw coconut (both tender and ripe)
* Banana - Great any time of the day or night
* Litchi - Yummy and juicy!
* Sapodilla / Chikko - Tastes great
* Jackfruit - I love it!
* Toddy palm / Sugar palm / Thati Munjalu - Divine!
* Strawberries - Love the color, and the taste - especially if you add it to salads or milk-shakes
 The list is endless.. I can add a whole range of regional fruits.. But I guess I'll stop for now

Did this post make you want to eat some fruit? If yes, Go for it
Are you a fruit lover? Why? Leave a comment to let me know..

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