Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Love Hate Story

They met in 1990
They were all of 18 years old (or young!)
The first rendezvous was in college
The hormones, freedom, friends

She was an intelligent, beautiful, open and progressive women
And a city-bred modern girl
He was smart, handsome, innocent
And a small-town boy with dreamy eyes of the future

Very soon, they fell in love
One thing led to another - Some good and some bad
And they finally tied the knot

Were they the perfect couple?
Were they ideal for each other?
Were they meant to be?

Like any married couple
They went through the ups and downs
Places, Houses, Jobs, Friends, Financial woes, Ailing parents
An occasional squabble here
An occasional laugh there
An occasional bickering here
An occasional conversation there
An occasional outing here
An occasional tear there

Did they truly love each other?
Did they really have a connection?
Were they meant to be?

Till they began to take each other for granted
And then by divine intervention
They were blessed with children - A boy and girl
It was a perfect family
Or so it seemed

She was meant to be a Mother
She gave her everything for the kids
Her life was the kids
And time ticked by

One fine day
He made the CONFESSION
"I'm involved with someone else, I don't love you anymore, 
I don't care about you, I don't want to live with you"
She was shocked
She was speechless
She was devastated

What went wrong and where?
And why? Why now?

She was sad
She was cheated
She was lonely
She was depressed
She wondered if she had got it all wrong
But she stayed silent
She endured
Hoping things would get better

And there came a point
When she could take it no more
So she told her inner network
Many an advice, suggestion, recommendation

But he paid no heed
All he said was
"I'm involved with someone else, I don't love you anymore, 
I don't care about you, I don't want to live with you"

She was let-down
Her self-respect was battered
But the children needed their father

She had lost faith in herself
She had lost faith in relationships
She had lost faith in the world

Why ME? Why NOW?
Questions unanswered?
Decisions to be made...
A Future to live
And yet so uncertain, so cloudy and so stormy

So, what would she do now?
Option 1 - Let him go, and raise the children by herself
Option 2 - Ask him to own up the paternal responsibilities, and let life move-on "status-quo"

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  1. Option 3 - Talk Reconcile Live Happily Ever After