Sunday, April 28, 2013

Aha! These Mama Moments

Being a mother has those "Aha" moments when your kids say / do things which completely take you by surprise, shock, wonder and amazement..
I don't usually publish these on blogs as I believe many are way too personal and emotional for the mother and child... But some incidents from the recent past compelled me to write this post. So here goes:

Mama Moment 1
Whenever I see the "genius" (read as absolute brilliance in my eyes) in my 2+ year old daughter's behavior, she is rewarded with a hug and kiss and I call her "My Little Einstein". And from what I’ve seen there is abundant genius in kids of that age!
The other day when we were doing something together, she surprised me by saying "Mama Eitin Eitin".. Initially I did not understand what she was trying to say.. But when I did! I was mighty thrilled.
She had obviously understood the “When and Why” of the title. Obviously, in her eyes what I did was "an act of genius"... Whether anyone else identifies or acknowledges it, well my daughter did call me a "genius".. Who cares if she had the lens of a 2+ year old when she certified me as one :).. I was a happy MOTHER !
Lesson Learned: Kids observe and learn just about everything. What you intend to teach and them, and even what you don't intend to teach them!
Mama Moment 2
I've been trying to teach my daughter the importance of eating healthy food and say NO to junk food (Read as chocolates, Maggi, french-fries, ice-creams, etc etc). So anything we eat, I patiently categorize it as "Healthy food" and "Junk food". I also do explain to her what happens if you eat "junk food" (That's the topic of another blog post :)... But needless to say she learned the lesson well (After all, who was the teacher ;).
Recently on a hot summery day, when I offered her an ice-cream.
She refused it by saying "Mummy.. NO. Ice-cream is junk food". And actually cried that I even offered it to her! (Huh... &^*&%&^%&^)
Lesson Learned: Idealists exist! Even if it’s just for the passing :)
Mama Moment 3
I've been a stickler for cleanliness for as long as I can remember... Things around me should be neat, well-organized, etc etc etc - else I lose my sleep over it..
And then I became a MOTHER! Now, I have re-defined the meaning and priority of "neat", "organized", "cleanliness", etc.. To be honest, I DON'T CARE about the many things that made me lose my sleep before. I’d rather have my baby in my arms and a not so clean house, than a spotless clean house and my baby in someone else’s arms. Different things keep me awake at night (rather, very rarely as being a working mother exhausts you that when you hit the bed, sleep is just there.. waiting to engulf you :)
Imagine to my surprise, my little daughter chiding me for keeping things messy, disorganized and unclean.. Huh!
Lesson Learned: What goes around comes around! :) / :(
Mama Moment 4
The icing on the cake comes when I am feeling low (read as low in energy, worried, sad, pensive, stressed, etc.) and by some divine intervention, my daughter just knows it! I wonder how?
And then she comes up to me Hugs me those big beary hugs, kisses me and then tops it with a few words of pure love which goes as
"It's OK.. Everything will be fine" OR
"Mummy….I love you so much" OR
"Mummy.. leave it" OR
"Mummy...let's go"
In an instant, the bygones are gone.. An instant mood-elevator is heart-felt words and gestures. So much for the small joys and pleasure of motherhood...
Lesson Learned: Joys and pleasure of motherhood / childhood: PRICELESS
Mama Moment 5
Questions posed to little baby (I still can’t understand why people ask?) – both in English and vernacular languages
Whom do you love the most?”,
Whose baby are you?
Baby almost all the time (unless she is upset) “Mummy” (And NO! I did not teach her that ;). That’s her own voice and mind speaking J
And there’s some unexplainable satisfaction and joy in hearing that response, especially if the person who asked was the Dad!!!
Lesson Learned: Babies and Mummies – That’s one thing which can never really be defined, explained or written about in entirety; Best left to experience J
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