Thursday, April 18, 2013

Closing doors.. And opening new windows / doors

In life, things happen - Good, Bad and Ugly...
They are all meant to happen - For a reason
Which we can only appreciate when you look back and try to connect the dots
You cannot look ahead and try to solve the puzzle
It just DOES NOT WORK that way!

So, the problem with many of us is that we find it so so HARD to close doors - be it on people, situations, events, circumstances, choices, decisions...
Is it because we're scared?
Is it because we're so familiar with the world we know?
Is it because we're not sure if we can take what follows?
Is it because we fear being judged?
Is it because we are not confident ourselves?
Is it because...

We find it so HARD to say GOOD BYE to old choices, decisions, circumstances, people....

Sometimes.. Just Sometimes..
One is better off taking a STAND and just CLOSING the DOOR
It will hurt
It will be scary
It will be uncomfortable
It will be trying
It will be all those things you never thought.......

But just for a moment
And then the MOMENT PASSES

Before you know
New windows will open
New doors will open

There will be a new lease of air
New fragrances
New faces
New possibilities
New adventures
New dreams
New passions
New rain, sun and rainbows

New joys and sorrows
New trials and tribulations
New highs and lows 

And they will be WORTH IT!
So take that step today
And close doors (which you are better off closing)
And open new windows / doors
It's a BEAUTIFUL WORLD OUT there....

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