Saturday, April 6, 2013

Is attachment to "materialistic objects" linked with your age?

An interesting observation that I've seen in aging people in India (Above the age of 60 years) is an extreme attachment to "materialistic objects".. It sometimes puzzles me why people get so attached at this phase of their life..

After all, one school of thought suggests that "Your desires and attachments tend to reduce with age.."
And then there's the other school of thought which suggests that "You don't know how long you'll be around, so might as well live the BEST possible life you can.. And for many people this translates into 'material comfort'" and "monetary spending"

I wonder why people get so attached (and in some cases even obsessed) with "materialistic objects" - be it clothes, food, jewellery, accessories, mobiles, interior decors, antiques, art, etc etc etc - as they reach / touch a certain age?
* is it because they truly feel happy indulging in the "materialistic world"?
* is it because they feel that they have limited time to "live and enjoy life"?
* is it because they feel that they can "live for themselves"?
* is it because they feel they have money?
* is it because they feel it is a status symbol?
* is it peer-pressure : family / friends / society?
* is it to display their wealth?
* is it ..........

What do you think? Leave a comment to let me know....

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