Monday, April 8, 2013

Is the problem at the beginning, at the middle or at the end?

For any thing you do in life, there are bound to be problems that come your way...

Some of these problems are really outside your locus of control & you can't do much to control or influence their occurrences or outcomes..

But there are many problems which are directly within your locus of control..

From what I've seen of life and my observation of patterns in human behavior, I have observed that most of us typically have "majority of the problems" at one phase in the journey
For some the problem is in the beginning
Many of us have "starting trouble"... Come what may, you can't get yourself to start what you want to do - Classic examples are Eating healthy, Regular exercise, etc. etc. You want to do it, but just don't get around to doing it?
I wonder why?
Is it an inertia to change?
Is it lack of motivation?
Is it "starting-trouble"?
Is it uncertainty about how things could be?

For some the problem is at the middle
Many of us start with great enthusiasm, but fall short some where mid-way. It can be our own lack of motivation, other priorities, not seeing the end near-by, not able to track the progress, or just things taking too long.. But we're not able to get through the middle of what we're doing..
I wonder why?
Is it lack of energy?
Is it lack of motivation?
Is it the need for something new?
Is it new priorities?
Is it new interests?

For some the problem is in ending
And then for some, you start and you get through the "rough" middle.. But somehow can never put a final closure or conclusion to what you started out... Something is left "incomplete".. And you never get around to taking it to closure
I wonder why?
Is it lack of energy?
Is it lack of interest?
Is it lack of motivation?
Is it the urge / desire for new things?

Where do you find most of the problems? What solutions have worked?
leave a comment to let me know...

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