Monday, April 22, 2013

Life is a journey…

Life is a journey, one which we all endeavor from the time we are born in this world. During the initial few years, one sails through the journey – learning and enjoying from every experience. Somewhere along the journey, we all define our desired life destination and cruise to reach the destination. The difference between individuals is in what one chooses as the ‘destination’ and how one ‘chooses to enjoy the cruise’.

In reality however, the journey is not about going; rather it is about coming back to your deep inner core, and discovering the ‘true calling’. Knowledge of one’s true calling is already there within, but is masked by a hundred other thoughts, emotions and real life constraints; and very often we forget to cleanse this to reach the core.

The only practical solution is through self-awareness, self-discovery and self-realization. It is important to break free from the ‘Big I’ or ‘Ego’; and move placidly to the destination. Life has an expiry date; and we are clueless about this date. So it is even more important to live life fully in the present to discharge one’s true purpose in life.

An understanding of ‘Who am I?’ is the first logical step. Self-awareness is the key for any comprehension and transformation. While the past is instrumental in making us what we are today, it is the power of the present which can unleash numerous possibilities in our lives. The present moment is all that we have now; we need to capitalize and make the best of it. The deeper this understanding, the better, and a continuous re-enforcement is vital.

Self awareness should cover all aspects of human existence – starting from where you come? Your family, your childhood – What experiences that you had which affected / inspired you? , Life during adolescence, friends who impacted you and one’s present state of being (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual). It is important to be aware of every dimension.

After being aware of oneself, one needs to accept oneself the way you are. This is usually the ‘hardest’ part as many times, one always wishes for a little more of this, and a little less of that, etc. But if one persists, one can truly accept oneself.

Why am I born?’ It is important to understand the main purpose of one’s life. A lot of probing, introspection and soul-searching is required. During the process, one go through phases of ‘deep’ anguish when one feel’s indescribable ‘conflict’ within. The head and heart seem to be at a war-front; and there surely is blood-shed. The heart usually bleeds. These are very difficult times. And no one can help. It is really self realization. The process of ‘self realization’ is not easy. It takes time and will happen only at the right time.

Any transformation has to begin from the ‘Self’ or one’s inner core. Nobody or nothing can play a role in this change. Yes! You can have guides, mentors, teachers to help / assist. But the journey is yours. The quest has to come from a deep desire within. And transformation always takes time, effort, energy and is many times a ‘unique experience’. For everyone the process is different.

The world around is not perfect. Neither are you. What you can do and control is in your hands. It is your life and probably, the only life.

And lastly, Nothing is permanent in this world, but change. Good times and bad times, success and failure, tears and happiness, joys and sorrows, money and poverty, good and bad health, life and death…. They all come and go..

Going through difficult times, times when nothing seems to be moving in the right direction is inevitable in life – It is also an indicator of something, it is a ‘tap’ for an individual – may be to pause, introspect and then make changes. One should use this as a signal and things will then unfold beautifully in life.

It is important to realize that neither is failure. Hence ‘Fear of failure’ should not be nurtured. In fact, there should be no basis for any fear. Any fear is only a figment of our imagination. If we really question the basis, we will realize that there is no foundation. It is only our thoughts, experiences and the external world which instill these ‘negative thoughts’ within us. Once we fight them head-on and shake them up, they simply vanish.

Due to all this, it is important to realize ‘the power of the present’. This is the only moment that is real. Past was history, the future is a mystery.

Whatever happens in life is for the best and for a purpose. Something which we will discover much later or never. But as long as we believe that it’s all for the good, all good will follow.

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