Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nischala's Blog-o-Review : TV Serial - Desperate Housewives

One TV serial which I have enjoyed watching for several years is "Desperate Housewives" (And I don't watch too many TV programs and am not a TV buff)

I was wondering why I like the serial and why it is so popular with women across the globe..
* I guess fundamentally the serial depicts the lives of 4 very different women dealing with several real-life situations which most women deal with in the journey of life

* Each of the 4 women displays and exhibits certain strong qualities, strengths and weaknesses which are easy to identify (and there's a little bit of each of these in all women I guess)
• Gaby – Impractical, Materialistic, Selfish, Vain
• Lynette – Practical, Control-Freak, Trying to juggle between work-life balance, Businesswoman
• Susan – Goes with the heart, Emotional, Real, Full of paradoxes and contradictions
• Bree – The Ideal women in the way she manages and maintains herself and her house "The Perfect Home-maker" – Cooks, cleans, dresses and behaves in the "BEST" possible way in almost every situation

* The serial potrays the journey of these 4 central characters in many different situations – friendships, love, family, drama, a quest for our identity, cheap thrills, unexplainable highs and lows, community, fun, dreams, laughs, tears, successes and failures, fear, joy, sadness, loss, death  –
How they deal with these situations ?
How they react?
How they respond?
How they change?
How they evolve?
How they discover themselves?

* I think all actors have done a splendid job in acting and depicting human emotions and relationships very well.

I enjoy watching every single episode. 
And every episode usually ends with a powerful thought or question
Which compels you to introspect and reflect into your own life

Desperate Housewives is definitely one of my all time favorite TV shows :)

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