Thursday, April 25, 2013

Planning Planning Planning

Planning has been an integral element in my life. From primary school, To-Do lists went with me everywhere – Of course in that era, it used to be transcribed on a piece of paper; and if paper was not available it would be inscribed in my hand or head until it was transferred to the paper. Knocking off items from these lists always gave me immense satisfaction… It was a task completed and accomplished!

 And over the years as I grew, a lot of things changed within me and around me – But one thing stayed – My PLANS :). And all these personal experiences for decades have made me realize that planning is a very important element in life – be it in professional or personal life. There are many who will say that they don’t need or make plans and things just happen. Maybe once, Maybe twice…. Even may be a hundred times – But definitely NOT all the time. And if they did then I guess someone somewhere did the planning for YOU!

I’ve created several plans in my life. And to be honest, I’ve had mixed success with all this planning – Some plans I’ve followed to the dot; and some I did not even complete the plan.

Over the years, what I’ve realized about Planning is this:
* Creating a plan makes you think, refine and articulate your thoughts
* Any plan you create has to be relevant in your individual context – And hence is unique to YOU!
* The real value of a plan can be achieved when you follow the plan
* You should set aside some time on regular basis to review your plans
* A plan is really a Work In Progress document... Let it evolve and grow along with you!

On that note.... Happy Planning :)

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