Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Open Letters from X to Y

Over recent past, I've read a couple of Open Letters written by different authors addressed to different people. While each was written with a specific intent, I think the underlying cause was simple - To pen down the thoughts and words of a cross section of society, and give it a larger reach - And in many instances to ensure the words reach a specific individual / give voice to a specific cause

In this post, am sharing the Open Letters which left me with food for thought...

An Open Letter to India's Graduation Classes

Open Letter to the Indian Change Seekers

A Letter to the neighborhood aunty from 'The Girls of these Days'

Open Letter to Marissa Mayer Haters

An Open Letter to Mr Chetan Bhagat from a humble homemaker

Open Letter to Sonia Gandhi

Open letter to Rahul Gandhi

Did you come across any open letter which should be added to this list? Leave a comment to let me know...

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