Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What are the MOST NOBLE Professions in the WORLD?

"What are the MOST NOBLE Professions in the WORLD?" was the question put in front of me.

Hmm.. Well "Doctor” I said
OK Good. What else?” he asked
 "Hmmm.. Possibly a Teacher” I said
"Of course Yes!

I must have been about 10 years old when we had this conversation.

Fast Forward to Today – I am older [by the years] and hopefully, wiser! [At least I’d like to believe so :)]. 

Today, I ask myself “What are the MOST NOBLE Professions in the WORLD? And WHY?”

My answers are still not too different. The MOST NOBLE professions are:

1) A teacher or better to re-phrase it to an “EDUCATOR” – Anyone who makes you learn, who makes you think, who opens your mind to learning, who makes you discover yourself, who fuels your creativity, who encourages curiosity and who helps you become a lifelong learner by virtue of their interactions with you. And teachers definitely top this list. But there are several other “educators” we all encounter in the journey of life. For e.g.: Parents, sibling, family, friends, colleagues, mentors and in today’s digital age – videos, podcasts, writings, etc.

2) A doctor or better to re-phrase it to “HEALER” – who can heal you physically, mentally or emotionally. Basically, anyone who can cure an ailment that you have – be it in your body, be it in your heart or be it in your mind (by virtue of thoughts, words or actions directed at you).

While doctors probably top this list for most of us, I do believe that anyone associated with the medical fraternity (For e.g. A nurse, lab technician, dialysis technician, alternate medicine and healing, etc.) has the opportunity to potentially heal you by making a positive difference during a “difficult or vulnerable” time in your life. In addition, there are so many people around us who heal us (For e.g.: parents, friends, leaders, spiritual gurus, etc.) – by influencing our thoughts and emotions; and they definitely have the potential to make a positive impact and difference in your life.

3) My latest addition to this list of responses is a “WRITER” – Anyone who by virtue of their writings can make you think, learn, dream, hope, reason, question, find answers, introspect, analyze,  comprehend, appreciate multiple perspectives or just add a little love, hope, positivity, zing or sparkle in your life!

And by this I really mean any form of writing – from text books, to speeches (yes! Most speeches are usually written first), to movies (yes! All movies start with an idea which is converted to a script) and more recently in social media like blogs, tweets, etc.

Let me illustrate with a few simple examples:
* Ask a 6th grade student whom he / she believe the most? It will invariably be the TEACHER
* Ask a patient with chronic renal failure whose word makes all the difference? It will be invariably the NEPHROLOGIST (Kidney specialist)
* Ask anyone who went a tough / vulnerable moment in their life and what helped them through many a gloomy and dark night? It will be invariably some form / extension of WORDS through WRITINGS

The more important question probably is WHY?

All of the above professionals have a “REAL OPPORTUNITY” to make a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE in the lives of those they interact with on a daily basis – in what they say, in the way they say, in their actions, in their interactions, in the resilience they exhibit, in the way they conduct their lives – They have the possibility, potential and power to be very STRONG INFLUENCERS on those around them!

And then there are some who take the meaning of their professions to a different level simply by sharing their knowledge, thoughts and views in writings. I know of several doctors and educators who have shared their years of knowledge and wisdom through their writings (be it through books, blogs, research papers, publications, etc.) so that they can reach, touch and make a difference in the lives of millions around the world - far beyond their immediate locus of control. Some of the best examples I’ve come across is Dr Deepak Chopra’s blog, or Angela Maiers blog, or Dr K K Aggarwal’s blog. And I truly wish them all the very best to make a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE in the WORLD!

That’s my view. I’d love to hear your view. Leave a comment to let me know…

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  1. I believe that any profession we are born to carry can make a difference in society. So, any profession can be noble provided we have an attitude to serve. Thus, profession is not important, attitude is important. With a serving attitude any profession (excluding crimes) can be sacred and noble.