Monday, April 15, 2013

What does money mean to you?

Over the years I've come to believe that what money means to you will eventually impact and influence the quality of your life, and to some extent even the quantity of your life (How long you live?)

You are born with too much money, and you probably don't truly realize its value (Again depends on your upbringing)
You are deprived of money even for basic needs, and you probably associate too much importance to it OR it loses its value
You have reasonable amount of money, and you probably do realize its value
You earn too much money the right way, and you leave a legacy that you and your future generations are proud of
You earn way too much money the "wrong way", you end up with way too much  "bad karma" & it takes a very long time for the equation to balance out

So what does money mean to you?
Is it the paper which enables you to buy goods and services?
Is it what buys you a lifestyle?
Is it what you build your dreams on?
Is it what makes your dreams come to reality?
Is it what makes the world go round?
Is it the one sure way to POWER? (economic, social, political, business, etc.)
Is it what you get at the end of the month, to take you through the next month?
Is it your gateway to "personal independance"?
Is it the outcome of all the hard-work of the years?
Is it a necessary evil of today?
Is it what gives you an identity?
Is it your legacy?

What does money mean to you? Leave a comment to let me know


  1. Thanks for the lovely post Nischala. Got me to put my thinking hat on and now I reckon. Money for me is my security blanket, an anchor that keeps me rooted in this materialistic world.

  2. I believe money is a Power that not only gives you a lifestyle, security and help you make your dreams come true, but all of the above mentioned.