Monday, May 13, 2013

A Mama’s Favorite Moments

When I started writing this post, I asked myself what has been my favorite “Mama” moment. Something which has by far been the most memorable in the motherhood journey; and which impacted me the most - Be it a moment, a memory, a milestone, a conversation, a touch, an experience, a high, an emotion. Honestly, I struggled to come up with that one moment simply because as a Mama – Every day is filled with moments of joy, wonder, amazement and happiness, fill your heart with love and joy, make your days brighter filled with hope, dreams, rainbows, wishes and prayers for a better tomorrow…

So in this post, I’m sharing my Most Favorite Mama Moments
1)    The first sight of my baby – That’s one moment which will always be extra special and dear for every Mama. Simply because you realize that while you understand the physics, chemistry and biology of making a baby, you can never fully comprehend the “divine element” in human creation
2)    The first hug from my baby
3)    The first kiss from my baby
4)    The first time my baby recognized me
5)    The first time my baby said “Mummy / Amma / Mama”
6)    The first time I cried for my baby – And you realize that “Mummyhood” and tears go hand in hand;  possibly for a lifetime 
7)    All the times when my baby relishes the food I cook for her
8)    When my baby makes imaginary tea / food (like idlis, dosa, paratha, sandwich) in her plastic toy cups; and serves it to me with love. Ah! Divine 
9)    The moments when my baby feeds me
10)    That special smile which is reserved just for “Mama”; no matter where you are and no matter who else is there
11)    The everyday hugs and kisses that greet me when I come home
12)    Every night’s sleep which is so “complete and perfect”; just because my baby is in my arms
13)    When anyone asks “Whom do you love the most?”. The response is consistently “Mummy” (unless I’ve done something which deserves an alternate response)
14)    The first “Mothers Day” card that my baby made for me (And she gave it to me on 9 May 2013)
15)    My new identity as “Baby N’s Mummy”
16)    The times when she knows that I am stressed / worried, and cheer’s me up with her baby banter and wisdom “It’s OK. Leave it”
17)    All the times she stands-up and speaks-up for me; No matter who she is speaking to & what they say
18)    Enjoying little everyday moments with my baby (For e.g: Sharing a meal, a hug, a kiss, a laugh, an activity, an update); and creating a memory bank for life
19)    Re-living childhood, and doing things I’d never usually do / have not done for ages– just to make her happy and bring a smile on her face
20)    The moment I understood what “selfless love” truly means
21)    The moments I truly and genuinely appreciated all that my Mother did for me

This post is dedicated to my daughter
This post is dedicated to my mother

Originally published here. Edited and re-published on my blog

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