Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ah! The GRACE…

Not many of us acknowledge, appreciate, understand or respect grace. Even I didn’t. Until I started observing. Observing people, faces, expressions, smiles, movements, interactions, eyes…. And after hours of observation, you begin to notice..

This thing called “GRACE”
It’s hard to define or compartmentalize or pin-point grace
It’s there for everyone to see; and yet it is so subtle
It exists and yet it does not; atleast it is not so apparent

One of the most beautiful quotes I’ve come across is “Grace is the beauty of form under the influence of freedom.” BY Friedrich Schiller

Yes! There’s something about grace which is synonymous with “form” and “freedom”. And “form” and “freedom” are also integral elements to “dance”

So there’s some unexplainable link between “dance” and “grace”
I don’t know what it is.. But it exists
In the way a dancer moves his / her eyes
In the way a dancer moves his / her face
In the way a dancer moves his / her hands
In the way a dancer moves his / her belly
In the way a dancer moves his / her hips
In the way a dancer moves his / her legs

I can’t help but think about Bollywood in the context of dance. There are some actresses / heroines who epitomize “grace” – with their eyes, with their smile, with their movements, with their moves

Top on this list are Madhuri Dixit (Ah! The grace in her eyes, face movements, smile and hand movements is a class apart), Hema Malini (Ah! The grace in her movements and in her honesty), Dimple Kapadia (Ah! The grace in her voice, in her charm, in her personal style), Madhubala (Ah! The grace in her eyes), Sridevi (Ah! The grace in her innocence, in her eyes, and in the confident-and-yet-not-so-confident demeanor)..

Wonder where and why grace is not so apparent in new age heroines?
Is it somewhat dying, or becoming more subtle or are we not observing enough?

Ah! This GRACE.. It makes you start writing a post, and then not know how to end :)

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