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Nischala's Blog-o-Review | Book | Little Book of Contentment BY Leo Babauta

Name of Book : Little Book of Contentment
Author : Leo Babauta
Price : FREE
Pages : 111
Publishing Year : 2013

Book Synopsis
"Little Book of Contentment" is a short and easy-to-read book. It is a simple guide on becoming happy with life & who you are, while getting things done. The focus is really around what "contentment" is, Why most of us are "discontent" with ourselves and our lives; and most importantly that "contentment is really an "internal state of being"!

What I liked about the Book?
* Short, Profound and Easy to read
* Well-written
* Can finish in 1 - 2 hours
* Every single sentence is loaded with wisdom

* Book Excrepts which are profound:

"One of the biggest sources of discontent is comparing yourself to other people, or your life to what you see others doing. Or what you’ve accomplished compared to what others have done."

"Whenever you find yourself comparing the good parts of someone else’s life to the bad parts of yours, or thinking what you could be doing instead, stop yourself. Just stop. You are actively hurting yourself, and that’s not a compassionate act."

"Reality is amazing, but when we compare it to the fantasy (which isn’t real, of course), it doesn’t measure up. As amazing as reality is, in all its glory, it falls short if we expect it to be some fantasy. This is a big reason we’re unhappy with ourselves. It’s a reason we’re unhappy with others, with our

"Contentment is about letting go of these fantasies, and realizing that life is amazing without them. People around us are amazing without the fantasies. We are amazing, without the fantasies."

"One of the biggest reasons people buy so much, and are so discontent with their lives, is advertising. Advertising creates false needs — all of a sudden we need an iPhone or a new car or a diamond ring, just because an advertiser put the need in our heads."

"One of the biggest manifestations of our fear that we’re not good enough is our belief that our bodies aren’t good enough"

"All the raw material we need for happiness is inside of us. The good things we can appreciate to
be happy — they are always with us, already there. And the tools for turning these raw materials into happiness are within us as well. We just need to develop them.

"So the key skill is to learn to notice, accept and appreciate everything around us, and everyone we see and interact with."

"This is a slogan I use to help me put things in perspective: “We are all learning.” You can tell it to yourself whenever someone does something you don’t like."

"When you’re whole, you don’t need someone else’s validation to be happy — because you accept yourself."

"A solid relationship is two whole (or at least, fairly whole) people coming together because they love each other’s company. They’re not coming together because they need someone to love them all the time, because they need someone’s company all the time, because they need to be shown that they’re loved."

"Relax into this new space of being OK with yourself, being happy on your own, knowing things will always be OK."

"Also focus on the things about yourself that you like, the talents you have, the things you have to offer. Appreciate these things about yourself. Know that you’re worthy of anyone’s attention and trust"

"Stop comparing your life with anyone else’s life. Stop comparing who you are or how you look with anyone else. This is easier said than done: It takes a process of awareness, and when you notice the comparison, pause. Instead of looking outward, at what other people are doing, look at what you’re doing and appreciate it. When you notice something good about someone else that makes you jealous, stop, and look at yourself instead — what can you appreciate?"

"Contentment is largely determined by our level of self-acceptance."

"Contentment and change are not mutually exclusive."

"But the truth is there is no prerequisite for contentment — you always have the raw materials for it, which is your mind. You only need to appreciate what’s inside you, and all around you.."

"We need to let go of the ideal of everyone approving of what we’re doing, because it’s unachievable"

"You can be busy and content. Contentment is just a happiness with yourself and your life..."    
"The happiness process — noticing, appreciating, being happy about living — can be applied to things outside of us, and also within us, no matter what’s going on outside"

"Contentment is a super power."

Nischala's Final Ratings
Writing Style : A+
Editing : A+
Message and Take-away : Importance of Contentment in life; and how Contentment can change everything.
Return on Money Invested : Infinite. After all, its a free book :)
Return on Time Invested : Infinite if you can actually apply the action items detailed in the book

Overall Rating : A

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