Saturday, May 25, 2013

Online Contests, Blog Discoveries and More

Going down memory lane, I think its been years since I participated in any kind of contest ( I don't recall the last contest I submitted an entry for - Must be decades ago?). Well, here's the thing - When you're in your 30's and a working mother, somehow participating in any kind of contest does not seem to be on the cards..

However, for the past few weeks I've participated in a couple of online writing contests, and realized that there are just so many of them happening every now and then (on Blogs, Twitter, etc etc.). Its actually fun. Of course! If you win - Its great (And I did win a few - And the gifts typically tend to be books - Which I love reading, So that's great too..).

But more than winning and losing - I think it is the sheer joy of participating in a contest and the effort that you put in which gives you a High - Let me just call it "The Participation High" - Ever experienced that? Well, its a good feeling - let me tell you!

And the second great bonus is that it connects you to some amazing people / writers from across the globe. In my case, I have discovered several new blogs which I really enjoyed reading.

So without much ado, let me list down the new amazing blogs I've discovered:

Words BY Saru Singhal

VidyaSury : Going a-musing, collecting smiles BY Vidya Sury

Kavi's Musings BY Kavi Arasu

Paromita Bordoli Writes BY Paromita Bardoli

Rainbow Hues BY Kajal

Born with Heels BY Pooja

Tarang BY Tarang Sinha

Cartoons Doodles Quotes

The Philospher's Stone BY Richa Singh

Between Write and Wrong BY Sakshi

Some Bedtime Stories

Tryst with Writing

Stop by and check out their blogs.. I loved reading them!

Have you discovered any new blogs? If yes, leave a comment to let me know...

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