Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yaaaay ! So I finished the April 2013 Blog Marathon!

So its 1 May 2013.. And I'm happy to say that I successfully finished the April Blog Marathon here on this blog.. - A blog a day..! Wow! A lot of writing and thinking and coming up with different topics which kept me engaged as a writer, and probably you engaged as a reader...

So what did I learn...
One, personally writing is the easiest for me - It is what to write about (the topic) and the articulation style (prose / poetry / combination, etc.) which is the biggest challenge! And for that you need to have your eyes, ears and mind open

Two, the only only only way to get better at something is to do more of it. So am I a better writer on May 2013 than I was on April 2013? Definitely YES! I can write faster, think faster and hopefully articulate better

Three, posting everyday on your blog gives a huge boost to the blog traffic on your blog.

Four, making a public commitment ensures some level of personal responsibility to honor your commitments (Probably that's why many important milestones in life are done in public view.. For e.g.: Marraige)

Last but not least, like I always say - Blogging is a journey. As long as you enjoy the journey, its all worthwhile!

So, did you like this blog marathon? Leave a comment to let me know

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