Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Can you live a day without a MOBILE?

A few days ago when I reached work, I realized that I had forgotten my mobile at home... :(..
My first reaction was "How will I live through the day?"... Anyways, I had 2 options with me:
Option 1 - Drive back home to get the mobile
Option 2 - Live the day without a mobile

I choose 2 above. Not really knowing what I was signing up for - especially since it was a working day

So as soon as I reached my desk, I sent a mail with my alternate number to all those who needed to know where to reach me. And I personally called the few important people (who may want to reach that day) - mostly friends and family; and informed them about this!

It was about 9:30 AM when I was ready to to get down to work..
And before I knew it, it was time to go home
I had survived for a whole day without my mobile

Did I miss my mobile? Oh yes! SURE
Did things happen the way they had to? Oh yes! SURE
Did people who had to contact me manage to do so? Oh yes! (There are so many ways to communicate - mail, desk phone, Twitter, FaceBook, etc.)
Did I learn something that day? Oh yes! SURE
Did I end up wiser? I think SO :)

Here are the top lessons of the day
Lesson 1 : You can live a day without your mobile
The mobile has become a habit for most of us. A prized possession. A good pass time. A necessity. A luxury. An integrated device to do all that you want to - Pay bills, Talk to people, Read the latest news (global, national, regional and that of friends and family). An addiction. etc etc... And many of us believe that we cannot live without our mobiles.

But the fact is that you can survive without your mobile.. and not just survive, but truly "live" - Simply because you can take control of your time.. without the mobile taking control of your life.. And personally I found it rewarding because I probably observed more of the world around me, pondered over many things about life, connected with people who mattered in ways that made a difference..

Additional Take-Away : I personally enjoyed not having my mobile for a day. And hence I ear mark sometime every week when I simply ignore the presence of my mobile. It is one of the best changes I have made in my life!

Lesson 2 : The WORLD moves on even if you don't have your mobile
Yes! Most of us tend to believe that if we are not connected through our mobile, then probably the WORLD will come to a stand-still! Well I've got news for you - The WORLD moves on with / without your mobile!  Bills get paid, messages get conveyed, tasks get completed, news spreads... everything happens.. The way it should in the cosmic world!

And I don't for a minute mean that you are not important. Just that it is important to know how "Important" you are in the overall scheme of things.. In the cosmic ways of the world

Lesson 3: There is a world beyond the MOBILE
A lot of us think and truly believe that the MOBILE is our world, and the world is on our MOBILE. (That's probably true - literally and otherwise!). But then hey! There is a "REAL WORLD" too which is beyond your mobile - which is actually fun, exciting, interesting, amazing and wonderful..
Care to be a part of it? If yes, then may be its time to say Good Bye to your mobile for a few hours every day..

Live... Explore and Discover this WORLD too!
It is a lot of fun, wonder and joy!

What do you think? Can you live a day without your mobile?
Leave a comment to let me know

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