Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Feeling Blue? - 7 Ways to Beat the Blues..

Ever been in a situation when you're feeling blue - A little low, a little down
Sometimes you know WHY?
Sometimes you just don't know WHY?
You can't put a finger on it
But the blues continue to exist

You really don't feel like doing anything
You really don't feel like talking to anyone
You really don't want any free advice
And least of all you don't want to be judged

And yet, you don't really have the luxury of "feeling blue" forever
You need to shake the blues or beat the blues
And move ahead

From personal experience, I can say that to Beat the Blues you need to either
(1) Laugh or
(2) Feel Happy about something or
(3) Feel Good about yourself or
(4) Change your emotional frame of reference or
(5) Change your mental frame of reference

Here's what usually helps:
(1) Listen to Music you Love - Any music which you love to listen can be an instant mood elevator

(2) Look at old photographs (especially the printed one's) - There's something about going down memory lane which always does wonders in beating the blues : Old laughs, Old jokes, Old stories, Old giggles, Old memories..... all captured from behind the lens can be sometimes the only way to bring cheer on a rainy day

(3) Think about that one special moment when you were really really happy - Can be because of something you did which gave you immense satisfaction, Something which you were really proud of, Something which you never imagined you were capable of, Something which you would never ever do again, A special someone whose thought makes your heart flutter,.... Just re-live that one special moment and it can be an instant mood elevator

(4) Eat "comfort food" - Anything you love. It always does wonders in beating your blues

(5) Look up "old memoirs" - We all have things from the past stashed away and hidden somewhere within the 4-walls. Old scrap books, uniforms, an old love letter, a dress we loved from the past, etc etc.. - Just looking at these

(6) Do / Listen to something that makes you laugh - It can be reading a joke, watching cartoons (especially Tom & Jerry or something you like), a funny video, etc etc. Just taking a few minutes to laugh can do wonders to lift your spirits and change your perspective

(7) Read Comics - Reading comics (especially the one's which had a special personal significance for your) can be an instant mood elevator. You can read them online or the hard-bound one's.

That's my list.. What do you do to beat the BLUES? Leave a comment to let me know..


  1. 1. Play a musical instrument
    2. Exercise or at least go for a walk outdoors
    3. Clean a bit of your home

  2. Interesting and timely:-) I continue to feel blue seems like!