Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Wind

The Wind
In the morning
Along with the rising sun
It tickles people and plants
And brings a whiff of fresh air

At noon
Along with the blazing sun
It awakens you
To the power and glory
Of the forces of nature

In the evening
Along with the setting sun
It soothes people and plants
And makes you sniff at the air

At night
Along with the round white moon
It fills the air
With dreams for the night

The Wind
In summer - it adds to the heat
In winter - it adds to the chills
In spring - it adds music to the beauty of the flowers
In autumn - it helps the leaves fall off the trees

The Wind
It sings
It dances
It sways
It hums
It tames
It tunes
It creates
It destroys

The Wind
Is a force 
Is a feeling
Is a power
Is a dream
Is a beginning
Is an end

The wind
You can channel it
You can tame it
You can complement it
You can supplement it
But you cannot fully CONTROL IT

The WIND you see
Is a BEAUTY and a BEAST!

BY Nischala Murthy Kaushik

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