Monday, June 10, 2013

Why I write?

A lot of people ask me "Why I write..?".. I usually respond based on who asked, when they asked, how they asked, how much time I have.. but most importantly what their intention behind their question is

As far as writing is concerned, in my view - The world can be divided into 3 groups
Group 1 : Those who love to write
Group 2 : Those who don't understand Group 1
Group 3 : Those who are indifferent to Group 1 and Group 2
And I belong to Group 1

Today during a random browsing activity, I came across this prompt "Why I write?" for the Writer's Tribe . So here I am sharing my response in this post:

I write because I love to write ; and I am grateful for that
I write because I can write ; and I am grateful for that
I write because I have the freedom to write ; and I am grateful for that
I write because I choose to write  ; and I am grateful for that
I write because my writings don't judge me ; and I am grateful for that

I write because writing enables me to
Be Balanced
Express myself
Give me "ME" Time
Maintain perspective
Get clarity on anything
Create a personal brand
Improve my literary skills
Enhance my self-discipline 
Provide an outlet for my creative energy
Gives me a chance to fill the dots & blanks of my life
Makes me respect other writers and books a lot lot more
Disconnect from what's not important, and re-connect with what is important
Gives me an opportunity to look back at my life and re-live past experiences / moments (through past writings)
Give me a view of how I have changed and grown – Both as a writer and as an individual (through past writings)
But most importantly, I think Writing gives me an opportunity to leave a PERSONAL LEGACY!      

Writing is deeply personal, sacred and spiritual - Anyone who loves writing will understand this!

And if you're wondering why you should write, hop over to my popular post on 12 Most Compelling Reasons for you to write.

Start Writing today.. Who knows how it will change your life?


  1. Yes, it is all that and more. For me I exist because I write. I will continue to exist, because I write. Loved reading this

    1. Thanks Ritu. Lovely comment. Good luck in your writing journey.. Nischala

  2. That division of groups is so darn true ! Rings the bell and all ur reasons make sense.t
    GOOD LUCK with writing :)

  3. I loved the pattern of post the whole pyramid like shape. Quite creative and yes we all writers understand every single word of your post :)


  4. A lot of wonderful reasons to write... for sure :) and I second Richa. all writers would understand your every word.

  5. Hi, I too belong to group one and certainly, food for fodder coz the reasons make the most sense of writing.