Saturday, June 22, 2013

You don't know what someone truly means to you till...

You don't know what someone truly means to you till they go...
Go away from your life

You miss just about everything
The voice
The tone
The touch
The words
The deeds
The support
The encouragement
The laughs
The advice
The writings
The pride
The special bond
The decades of relationships
The unspoken words
The depth of the message
The shared experiences
The small joys of everyday living
The pleasures of age-old common traditions
The joy in knowing they're around
The comfort in knowing they're with you - No matter what!

They say "Time heals.."
NO, It does NOT..
It makes you come to terms with the reality
It makes you accept
It makes you adapt

They say "People stay in your heart"
YES, They DO
But its just NOT the same
As people living with you, around you..

They say "Everything happens for a reason"
Probably It DOES
And somethings are truly beyond human comprehension

They say "When it's time, it's time.."
YES, That's TRUE
When you're time is up, it's up
There are just NO extensions, NO time-out
When the clock stops, the end is certain!

And what's gone is gone forever
And try as you much as you want,
And cry as much as you want,

To share that one moment
To share that one laugh
To share that one achievement
To share that one problem
To share that one meal
To share that one smile
To share that one hug
To share that one word
To share that one....

You don't know what someone truly means to you till...

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