Thursday, June 6, 2013

Your Ideal Environment & Neighbors

Over the past few days, I've been reading (yet again) the book authored by Robin Sharma "Who will cry when you die?" - It's an excellent read, and I'd suggest you pick it up in case you've not already read it. It will make you introspect about your own life, re-look at your priorities and decisions, and most importantly provide you with special nuggets on the wisdom of life.

There's one chapter in the book where Robin asks you to think about the people you'd ideally like as a part of your neighborhood (alive / dead), so you can occasionally meet them socially, and exchange a thought, idea or note on any topic of common interest! According to Robin, doing this little exercise will make you aware of what you really like in terms of personal interests, what values / qualities you admire in people and what kind of people you'd like to be associated with / know...

I thought it was a great and fun exercise to do, so posting in this blog "My Ideal Environment and Neighbors"
* My family
* My oldest, closest and dearest friends - who are all living in different parts of the world
* Albert Einstein
* Dr Deepak Chopra
* Nigella Lawson
* Victor Frankl
* Heston Blumenthal
* Gordon Ramsay
* Robin Cook
* Usain Bolt
* Vidya Balan
* Malcolm Gladwell
* Karan Johar
* Amitabh Bachchan
* Ranbir Kapoor
* Shah Rukh Khan
* Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
* Sister Shivani
* Swami Rama
* Steve Jobs
* Nadia Comaneci
* Richard Branson
* Princess Diana
* Sheryl Sandberg
* Farhan Akhtar
* Oprah Winfrey
* Bill Gates
* Warren Buffet

OK. I know that's a long list and wishful thinking! but then Hey! It's my blog after all :) And wow! What a neighborhood that would be..

Try doing this little exercise for yourself.. It will open your eyes and mind to so many things..
And do leave a comment on what your ideal environment and neighbors will look like..

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