Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Is it OK to “spank” your children?

“Is it OK to “spank” your children?” – In the parenting journey, this is a question which must have crossed the mind of every parent at some point or the other.

In my conversations with today’s parents, I find that there are few broad categories and contrasting viewpoints on this issue:

Category 1: Those who are strictly against spanking their kids – They say it, and mean it. And they NEVER EVER spank their kids.
Category 2: Those who are strictly against spanking their kids – They say it, and don’t really mean it. So they do spank their kids, occasionally / often
Category 3: Those who don’t have any strong view-point on the issue – It’s OK / Not OK. They just act based on the need of the hour
Category 4: Those who are OK with spanking their kids – They say it, and mean it

On one end of the spectrum are those who believe that “spanking” kids is an inherent sign of weakness of the parent. As a mature and responsible adult, why would any parent want to use “physical force” to drive / make a point? And that too, to a helpless child!

And on the other end is the view that children sometimes are “uncontrollable”; and no words / explanations can defuse some situations. Hence one tight spanking is absolutely essential to address the current situation / crisis at hand.

Both views are probably acceptable, given the context and circumstance one would pick.

So coming back to the question of this blog “Is it OK to “spank” your children?”

I don’t have the RIGHT answer, but here’s what I do know:
* It is important to teach your children some lessons, and if you need to be tough for it – Then so be it! As long as you don't harm your child.
* To each parent, his / her own methods of parenting; as long as the important life lessons are taught and well learned!

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  1. Hmmm...and yet...what happens when you get a phone call from the teacher saying that your child has been spanking kids at school? They will do what we teach them, by our examples, but they aren't old enough to have the best judgement...

    What if a husband thinks slapping his wife will "defuse" a situation? Is it okay? If not, then why is it okay to hit a child?

    Physical violence of any sort toward a child is a sign of weakness on the part of the parent.