Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Real Life, Real Dilemmas

I’ve seen them up close and personal
I’ve experienced many up close and personal
I’ve seen dear ones go through them
I’ve heard of people I know deal with these situations..
Real Lives.. Real Dilemmas…
Starting August 2013, I will be starting a new series on this blog called “Real Life, Real Dilemmas”.. (Pssst: New series don’t have to start at the start of a new year right?)
As a part of this series I will share a real-life situation experienced by someone I know.. I won’t really share who or what they did, or how it ended.. But just the situation / context / circumstance
And let you think, introspect and mull over what you’d do in a similar situation

There are probably no RIGHT or WRONG answers
It’s a personal choice
It’s based on your thoughts, views, priorities, circumstances, value system
But it’s worthwhile to put yourself in their shoes
And ask yourself “What would I do if I was in his / her shoes?”
NOTE: Will be shared on Twitter with the HashTag #WhatWouldYouDoIf

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