Thursday, July 18, 2013

The A to Z of Life is ALL THAT MATTERS!

When I was born, I did not know ABCD meant. Thanks to my parents and teachers, I slowly learned.

A few years back, I became a mother. As I re-visited the ABCD to teach them to my baby, I could not help but wonder if there was an ABCD to Life as well.

This in my attempt to discover and share the ABCD of LIFE – Through observations, experiences, reflections and realizations in the journey of life.

And I believe that ALL THAT TRULY MATTERS is the "A to Z of Life"

·  AWARENESS and ACCEPTANCE are the most important elements for a satisfying life

·  BALANCE is the key to success. Aim for balance across the following dimensions – Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Social, Financial and Spiritual

·  CREATIVITY in everyday life is so important, especially after a particular age. Invest in what makes the creative juices flow!

·  DREAMS are what keep you awake at night, and compel you to get up from bed each morning. Dare to dream,  keep your dreams alive and work to reach there and then dream new dreams

·  Aim for EXCELLENCE in things that matter to you. It makes all the difference

·  FAMILY and FRIENDS are the most important relationships in life. Invest in them! And yes! Choose your friends wisely – They can change your life!

·  Having clear GOALS for life is the first step to achieving any success! Goals have to personal and relevant to you! Don’t borrow goals!

·  Your life is indeed a collection HABITS. So invest wisely in good daily habits, weekly habits, monthly habits, quarterly habits and yearly habits!

·  “I” is a one of the most powerful words. It can make or break you. Keep a check on the BIG “I” and fuel the little “i” – They can change your life

·   JUDGE less – It can be refreshingly wonderful in simplifying your life

·   Be KIND – At least once in a way. The world needs more “Kindness and Empathy”

·   LOVE, LIVE and LAUGH – It’s all good and it’s all worth it!

·   MONEY is essential and important in the journey of life. Work to earn it, Be Grateful for all that you have, Spend a little, Share a little with the less fortunate, Save a lot, and Invest wisely.

·   NEVER say NEVER – Things change. People change. Situations change. You change. It’s all a part o life

·   Have an OPEN mind to deal with change. After all, nothing is permanent in this world apart from change

·   PASSION and PURPOSE are vital for life. Make efforts to discover them

·   Ask QUESTIONS. And attempt to find the answers. Accept that you can’t possibly know everything there is to know!

·   RESPECT yourself and others. This will translate into your everyday words, thoughts and actions. What you get back in life depends completely on this!

·   SILENCE is golden. Learn to appreciate the value of silence

·   TIME is your most precious asset. Value it and Treasure it!

·   True UNDERSTANDING comes from knowledge, experience and internalization. Make an effort to truly understand things that matter to you!

·   VALUE yourself, your thoughts, emotions, experiences, people

·   WISDOM comes with age and experience. So live life and experience it. Age will anyways catch up on you!

·    Keep the X-FACTOR about you alive always! It’s what makes you unique and special

·   The best thing about YOU is YOU! Believe in it!

·   A little ZEAL , ZEST and ZING can make your life happy and complete!

This post is written as a part of ‘All that Matters‘ contest at in association with INK Talks 2013.