Thursday, August 1, 2013

Choosing between your "dying" parent and your "unborn child"

For many people well into their 30’s and beyond, one of the most difficult life decisions that they have to make is this – “Choosing between the parent and the child”; and I don’t mean this as an absolute life choice.. But more as a choice given a particular situation / context or circumstance.. It simply gets harder if that choice is between a "dying" parent and an "unborn child"

A family friend was on her way to becoming a mother. In her third trimester, her father was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors said his days were numbered; and suggested his children visit him as soon as possible. 

The seriously limiting factors in her case were (i) She was based out of the US, and her parents were in India.  (ii) Given her health, her doctors told her that she should not travel as it was risky for her baby and her.

The Dilemma: Risk her life / her new born baby’s life and make the India trip immediately so that she could spend some time with her father in his last few days V/S 
Stay put in the USA, deliver her baby, and then travel to India a few months’ time – All the while, hoping and praying that her father pulls through!

What would you do in her shoes? 
Pause and Reflect..
I'm not expecting an answer, but if you'd like to share you're views - Leave a comment below...

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