Thursday, August 15, 2013


There is beauty in it
There is pain in it
There is pleasure in it
There is security in it
There in insecurity in it
There is responsibility in it
There is strength in it
There is weakness in it
There is a past with it
There is a present in it
There is future associated with it

You don't understand what it means
Until someone takes it away from you
Until it falls on your lap and makes you take responsibility

What do you value the most?
Physical Independence
Emotional Independence
Financial Independence
Social Independence
Intellectual Independence
Spiritual Independence
Some of the above
Or all of the above
Or some other form of independence

But are you ever truly independent?
Aren't there always hues of dependence?
Aren't there always hues of inter-dependence?

On people
On objects
On situations
On technology
On the divine
On the unexplained
On the ways of the world

Ah!  We pine for you.. But don't respect you enough
Ah!  We yearn for you.. But don't value you enough
Ah!  We search for you.. When you are just round the corner
Ah! We find you..  And then let-go
Because we're confused
Confused about what we want
Do we want independence?
Do we want dependence?

Do we want inter-dependence?

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