Monday, August 5, 2013

Its Exam Time - After years...

A few days back I appeared for an exam.. It was a professional certification exam, and when I started preparation - I really didn't know much about the subject. So the exam preparation involved intense reading, practice and focus. Luckily for me, I cleared the exam...

But that's not why I'm writing this blog..
Its because looking back, its been more than 5 years since I actually attempted for a professional certification exam. Wow! That long.. I wonder how time zoomed by!

So was it easy to prepare for the exam after so long?
NO! It was tough.. really tough - Just to get myself to sit and read...

Giving an exam requires lot of focus, planning, dedication, commitment and concentration - specially if you have a full time job, and are a working mother

I can't help wonder how complicated life gets with time .. I mean as a student, all you're supposed to do is study and give exams (And today, many students find even that tough! ).. And then as you move through the journey of life - you get married, get a job, have kids.. and it gets a lot lot lot tougher.. Simply because there are so many variables (many are simply out of your control), dependencies, changing priorities... And all demand flexibility in the way you conduct your everyday life..So getting that big chunk of 3 hours as "dedicated study time" is a challenge.. And these are external issues.. There are other issues which are related to yourself - Concentration, Motivation, Distractions (For e.g.: TV, Social Media, Twitter. In my case, I had to take an exile from Twitter / Social Media for a couple of days just to get the required focus to study)..

but in the end.. Its all worth it!
Firstly, the good thing about appearing for an exam is that you are compelled to read and learn (Of course, you can read and learn without an exam on your head, but then its not time-bound so reading can be endless and end up incomplete)

Secondly, there is a thrill and joy in just attempting an exam. I don't know.. But for me, it took me back to school / college days. Let me just call it the "Examination High"

Thirdly, there is value / merit in a formal certification / recognition of your learning efforts, which are assessed by an examination

So I'm thinking - May be I should give some examination / do a certificate course every year (It could be a professional certification or something of personal interest like cooking, writing, a musical instrument, or art, or whatever!). But just that making an attempt to learn something new, upgrade your skills and reach a level of mastery that it is recognized by an institute / organization is probably worth your time and money.

That's my view.. What's yours? Leave a comment to let me know

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