Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mama’s Speechless

Many times your kids make you speechless – by what they say, by what they do, by what they ask and by what they infer! It is amazing how they can learn from observations, interactions, correlations (in their own baby “genius” minds) and also from what you say, do, behave and respond. After all, the world is a new treasure-house, waiting to be explored and everything is a new discovery

As a Mummy of a ~3 year old baby, I am in this position many times – When I have no “words” to say really – Sometimes it is because I don’t have the answers (Yes! I admit that I am going through my second round of education with my baby &; I also know that she will probably be my teacher for something’s in the days to come and I do intend in being a diligent student). Sometimes it is because what she says takes me completely by surprise, Sometimes it is because what she says touches deep within and makes me emotional, and Sometimes it is because she demonstrates exemplary behavior – way beyond her age or maturity level…

In this blog, sharing a few such incidents / interactions / conversations..

Baby: “Mummy, Don’t go to office. Once in a way, it’s OK to bunk office, stay at home and have fun. I’ll play with you and we’ll enjoy together
Me: Ah! Where did she get that from? Definitely not my genes as I don’t remember ever ever ever bunking school for no reason. It was unthinkable even!. Must be Papa’s genes :)

A situation when Mummy is talking in a loud voice
Baby: “Mummy. Be quiet. Put your mouth on lip” (Meaning finger on your mouth)
Me: Ah! Speechless again

Baby talking on a toy-phone with a fictional character called Boo Boo Man: “Boo Boo Man! Mummy has been bad today. Take her and put her in the dark room and give her an injection.
Me: Ah! Now.. What BAD did I do today? I should check my “Karma Log” for the day?

On a busy morning when I am rushing to work, and already running late
Baby: “Mummy, Please eat your breakfast and go to office. Otherwise you will be hungry. Please Mama .. Please
Me: Speechless at her thoughtfulness. And yes! I do then have breakfast if she says so – Even if I am running late!

Baby: “Mummy, I will take you out today OK! Be ready in the evening
Me: Wow! I didn’t know that my baby would take me out so soon. What a pleasure to go out with such good company… :)

When Baby has done / said something to really get on my nerves, and I ask her "Why do you trouble / irritate me so much?"
Baby: “I feel good. I like to irritate you :)
Me: Ha.. What can I say?

When Baby has been up to some mischief and I am furious with her and refuse to talk to her
Baby: “Mummy, I am very very sorry. I will never do this again. I promise.. Mummy please talk to me.. I am feeling so sad that you are silent
Me: Ha.. and then I speak :)

Well, those are just a few… But then Mama’s speechless..
Do you have any of those moments when you’re kids leave you speechless? Leave a comment to share…

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