Friday, August 2, 2013

The Beauty in my Life

Plato said “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, I agree. But would like to add a few words to what he said “Beauty lies in the ways of the doer, and / or in the relationship you share with the doer

When I started writing this post for “As Beautiful as herWork”, I pondered about the many significant women in my life. Whom did I want to write about and dedicate a post to? Many images flashed by! But one stood out. And I knew I had to dedicate this post to her.

Then I wondered “What is work? How should I define it?” Wikipedia through up so many definitions of work – related to Physics, related to Theology, related to general word usage.

Hmm.. Well! For the purpose of this post, I’ll go with the Theology definition “Work is Karma, or "deed" in Sanskrit, causes the cycle of cause and effect, or Saṃsāra, in Indian religions

So what is her work?” I ask myself

Hmm.. Well let’s see. To wake up in the morning and say a bright sunny “Good morning”, Give a hug and a kiss to those she loves. Then, it’s time for milk followed by a bath. And then she’s off to school. When she comes back home, it’s time to share details of her day as she has her lunch. And then, it’s time for an afternoon siesta in which she dreams wonderful new dreams. In the evening, it’s time to play; and that’s followed by the daily dose of mischief. And then she has her dinner before its time to hit the bed. Amidst all this – when things get to her, she screams, moans, questions, cries and sulks. 
And when the storm has passed, then it’s the time of the stars and rainbows. And when she’s exceptionally happy, she sings, dances, hugs, kisses and makes merry!

And she does all the above beautifully - With a twinkle in her eyes, with a spring in her walk, with an infectious energy, with grace, with positivity, with a smile and with love…

That is her beauty.
Her beauty is that she does not know as yet what beauty means
Her beauty is in her purity
Her beauty is in her innocence
Her beauty is in her presence
Her beauty is in her infectious laughter
Her beauty is in her questions
Her beauty is in her answers
Her beauty is in her creativity
Her beauty is in her curiosity
Her beauty is in her mischief
Her beauty is in her kindness
Her beauty is in her stubbornness
Her beauty is in her thoughtfulness
Her beauty is in her hugs and kisses
Her beauty is that she believes
Her beauty is that she hopes
Her beauty is that she dreams
Her beauty is in her smiles
Her beauty is in her tears
Her beauty is in the beauty she brings to the lives of those around her
Her beauty is that she is truly beautiful – in her thoughts, in her words, in her deeds

The woman, or rather girl I speak about is my ~3 year old daughter. She is beautiful! And her work is even more beautiful!
This post is dedicated to my daughter – Baby N

This post is written for the “As Beautiful As Your Work’ contest by Tanishq. Check out Tanishq’s latest ad below on one such beautiful woman

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