Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What makes a "GOOD POLITICIAN"?

With the impending elections (2014) in India, there's a lot of talk, news, views and discussions around politics, and politicians.

For starters, let's get down to the theoretical basics, and answer "Who is a politician?"

According to the Wikipedia, "A politician, political leader, or political figure (from Classical Greek πόλις, "polis") is a person who is involved in influencing public policy and decision making. This includes people who hold decision-making positions in government, and people who seek those positions, whether by means of election, inheritance, coup d'état, appointment, electoral fraud, conquest, divine right, or other means"

Interestingly, even in theory "Means of becoming a politician" include "inheritance" (despite / in spite of credentials / competency), "electoral fraud", "divine right" (I don't know what that really means!) or "other means" (To broadly indicate all those avenues which are best not disclosed or discussed - Eh?)

Anyways, as I continue to mull over the question "What makes a GOOD POLITICIAN?" - At least in theory.. I can't help but inscribe a blog post on this subject.

Here's my view (Listing points below in random order)
* A solid core value system
* A strong ideology and belief system
* An intent to serve (not just yourself and your immediate friends and family, but serve a community / a state / the country / the world at large)
* Knowledge - At least on topics concerning your specific portfolio, and general knowledge on topics / issues of political interest (which includes Data / History / Facts!)
* A view / vision of the future (and it should be positive, and for the general good of the masses)
* A strong personal brand
* Empathy (OK! For starters, even sympathy will suffice!)
* Good communication skills (especially oral public speaking skills)
* Self-confidence
* A view on topics of public interest. (Its NOT OK to NOT have a view on most issues of public concern / interest)
* Willingness to work hard beyond the case of oneself (Yes! We all work for ourselves, but sometimes just sometimes as a politician - It is important to think about others)
* Ability to feel the pulse of the people
* Awareness on what's happening around the world
* Technology awareness and adoption - It is the technology era, after all
* Strong team with complementary skills - Friends, Advisers, etc.
* A focus on execution - After all, it is the actions which make a difference

That's my view. What's yours? Leave a comment to let me know

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