Friday, September 13, 2013

Nischala's Blog-o-Review | Movie | Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

I recently watched the movie "Bhaag Milkha Bhaag" and it was definitely one Bollywood movie which I really liked after ages. 

What's the movie about?
The story is about the journey of Milkha Singh, the legendary athlete and is inspired from his real life journey from humble beginnings to being named as "The Flying Sikh" for his performance in international athletics (short distance sprint / run)

Movie Ruminations
Firstly, the was based on a real-life story which is truly inspiring in terms of the message which is centered around "Having a Goal, Importance on Focus on your goals, Dedication, Hard-Work and constantly raising the bar to push yourself to excel ". - I think these messages are really really important in today's day and age.

Secondly, the movie was well directed, had a good casting and of course, fantastic acting. Personally, I loved Farhan Akhtar and Divya Dutta. They played their roles brilliantly.

Thirdly, the element of "realism" (which is alien to many a Bollywood movie) was well intact from start to finish. At no point did I feel that what was shown in the movie was "unreal" - And that to me is an achievement for any Bollywood movie!

Fourth, since I've been an athlete (sprinter) for a significant number of years in my life - I could relate to a lot of the technique, process, emotions, focus, dedication, determination, sweat and practice of a runner. Especially, the part when Milkha got his spikes, and how it took time for him to get used to the spikes. Going down memory lane, I recall how thrilled I was when I got my first pair of spikes, but it took a while to get the required speed - and till then, running was a struggle. So while tools aid in the journey, one needs time to learn how to use the tools for maximum benefit.

Fifth, in a competitive sport - one's physical, mental and emotional state of being is critical. One small mistake can make that DIFFERENCE between winning and losing. And while there are lessons in being a loser, there is unimaginable glory and joy in winning and standing on that victory stand.

Sixth, for anyone who has achieved success after a lot of struggle and hard-work, one does not really forget where you've come from and the journey. One is well grounded in reality and your own roots.

Last, the one thing that really stood out for me in the movie was the role of the coach in the success of Milkha’s journey and life. It was a coach who identified the “running talent” in a young boy. It was the coach who provided him with guidance, the required tricks, tools, support (moral, emotional, mental, physical) – especially in those vulnerable moments. It was the coach who believed in him. It was the coach who gave the much needed inspiration and motivation at those critical moments. It was the coach who pushed him to frontiers which he never knew existed. It was the coach who never ever gave up on him. And all these were important in his journey to success.

I can’t help but wonder how important the role of a coach is in anyone’s life – Be it as a professional coach or a life coach.

Overall Movie Rating : 5/5 and you should watch the movie. 


  1. nice post...

  2. I loved this movie, Nischala...and I reviewed it too...not as technically as you did but like an avid Bolly might wanna check on my movie blog :)

    Nice roundup fo the movie here!

    1. Thanks.. I will be sure to check out your movie blog.. With time being scarce, I like to read reviews on blogs, and then watch.. I'm not a BIG Bollywood person and I guess my post shows that ;)

  3. i too loved this movie, felt like one of the perfectly made movies in Bollywood.. while watching the movie, never felt bored for a minute.