Friday, September 20, 2013

So, what's WRONG with being just "AVERAGE"?

"What is it.." I wonder.. "What is it with us today that we run away from the word "AVERAGE"?
Some of us feel ashamed
Some of us feel so bad
Some of us even feel sad
Some of us hate this label
A vast majority ignores it
And a wise few ACCEPT it

Think about this..Don't the vast majority of us have
Just about average looks
Just about average upbringing
Just about average taste
Just about average style
Just about average emotions
Just about average intelligence
Just about average school results
Just about average knowledge
Just about average jobs
Just about average love lives
Just about average friends and relationships
Just about average wealth (in fact, even below average)
And probably, just about average lives..

And yet, it is not the AVERAGE that we seek or are content with
We all run after the elusive "BEST"
Knowing full well
That it is probably not meant to be for us
In every sphere of life

We push ourselves
We prod ourselves
We fool ourselves

To believing that we can be the BEST

The pursuit and continuous focus on "BEST" is a great goal for anyone to have in life
Albeit; it should be founded on some realism
Reality of yourself
Reality of your circumstances
Reality of the world
Reality of what is meant to be...

I mean, simply by the law of average - We will probably be just about AVERAGE in more than one thing in life
And yet.. And yet..
We feel pressured to not be "just about AVERAGE"
But be the BEST

Think about it.. How many BEST's can the world have really? ... In just about anything????


  1. I am very very average in most ways :-)

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  2. Wonderfully written post, especially the part about 'reality'. Most of us have this wonderfully constructed wild notions about ourselves and stick to that crazy self constructed image, forgetting the reality. Your post brings out the fact that it is very important to stay real and stay grounded at all times.