Friday, September 27, 2013

The Colors of Life

The white bubble saunters by
It lures me with its mystery and beauty
"Come touch me, Come look at me" It says
I can bring music, and dance, and laughs and love
Into your boring life...
"Should I fly with the bubbles?" I wonder

The black drops of water flow down
The water of many a pain and hardships
They come incessantly in strong torrents
And there's a lull before the next beginning
In the interim, peace prevails
Is it worth the tear and the pain? I ponder

The pink bundle of hearts
They flirt, flutter and titter
Make the heart skip a beat
And the world like a dream of rainbows
While the last, its all beautiful
"Is it worth the experience?" I ruminate

The green path of grass that lies ahead
With flowers, birds and butterflies
Beckons me to stride ahead
Come with me, along with me and on me
For I'll take you to the very end
"Can I trust you?" I mull

The blue skies that lie above
With white fluffs of clouds that reign
"Befriend  me.." It sings
The magic lies here.. The magic unfolds here
Of life.. Of the universe
"Come to me baby, now forever" I hear

Should I go...?
Or should I wait...?
For another hue to come my way....

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