Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Who is the DUMBer parent?

I have always been an academic star – Right from Nursery school way until my Management degree. Reading, Learning and Knowing has been a core and integral part of life for as long as I can remember. I don’t like “not knowing” answers to questions which I consider important, and least of all – I don't like to admit that I didn’t know things. Not knowing was just not an option. If I didn’t know, I’d make the extra effort to find out!

And then I became a mother. As I reached the phase of parenting when my little one started asking questions : Why? How? When? Where? Who? – I realized that I did not have answers for so many of her curious, logical and intelligent questions. There are just so many things about the world which I simply had no clue about… The most difficult question to answer is the BIG WHY???

My initial strategies to answer the questions revolved around ignoring them, postponing answering, giving incomplete responses, "I don't know. Ask Papa" etc.

When those did not work with the baby.. Then the few answers which most often do the trick were :
“Because that’s how it’s meant to be”
“Let’s find out together”
“Because I love you”

And I know that these answers are not completely accurate. But they seem to end the conversation. And I am mighty pleased with that result :)

The interesting observation is that I don’t seem to find Daddy not having answers. He somehow gives more logical, convincing and accurate answers for the most logical / illogical questions. And I wonder how?

And so today, I don’t mind admitting that I am probably the DUMBer parent, and don’t know the answers to every single question that my baby asks. As long as this confession gives me some “time and space” for myself; and Daddy takes over, I’m mighty happy :)..

So, would you rather be the DUMBer parent in your family [There can be some benefits to this too :) ]... Leave a comment to let me know


  1. Given that I am a father I would rather be the DUMB parent than the DUMBer parent...

    Having said that some of the questions little R puts to me baffles me to no end...

    1. :).. as long as there is peace within 4 walls, its all good. dumb / dumber is contextual n relative :)