Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Your "Meal-Time" is ...

Over the years, I have realized that we all have different views about the "Meal-Time"... And these views can be significantly different.. Whatever be your view, one thing is certain,
Your "meal-time" is a personal experience..

For some, "meal-time" is a Physical Experience
By this I mean that it is a time for you to consume food to get energy for doing your every day activities. Many people associate "meal-times" to a purely physical experience. It is almost like a necessity for life, and hence they go about the "meal-time" ritual as a mandatory chore which needs to be done a couple of times a day. Simply put, they eat to live!

For some, "meal-time" is an Emotional Experience
This refers to those individuals who love food and eating. It truly makes them happy. Simply put, they live to eat. Food to them is a passion, a pleasure - and it brings unparalleled joy. Watching such people eat can be a "pleasurable experience" itself :. They eat well (seldom eat right!).

For some, "meal-time" is a Social Experience
For some, "meal-times" are times to bond, connect, share, communicate, express, listen and interact.. With friends, family, colleagues... For them the social environment and people associated with the dining experience are far more important that the food itself. They can rarely eat alone (In many cases, they'd rather skip a meal than eat alone)

For some, "meal-time" is a "ME-Time" Experience
For many, the meal-time is really a "ME-Time". Time when they like to be alone and to themselves so that they have a few minutes just for themselves. To think, reflect, observe and just be... They prefer to eat alone.

And what kind of experience you associate with your "meal-time" determines:
What you eat?
How much you eat?
The priority associated with it

So, what kind of experience is your "Meal-Time"? Leave a comment to let me know...

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