Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Blog is really like a Movie...

"What is a blog really like?" was the question asked.
And the answer which satisfied the audience was "A blog is really like a Movie..."

I was addressing a group of non-bloggers and I found it hard to explain what blogging really is. Suprisingly, the answer which satisfied them was one in which I explained how a blog is really like a movie... The reality is that there are several people in the world who don't know what a blog is and why anyone in the world would spend their time and money in blogging :)

And to such an audience, the most effective and satisfactory response was this "Every blog that you publish is really like a Movie..."..
..And in this blog post, I've tried to make my point on the co-relation between the Movie World and the Blogging World....
I am neither a Movie buff nor do I understand the nitty gritties of movie-making.. But I do have a high level understanding of movie making and of course, an in-depth understanding of creating a successful blog...

There are really 3 broad phases in making a movie / blog
Phase 1 - The Ideation Phase : In which you have an idea for your movie / blog
Phase 2 - The Creation Phase : In which you give form to your idea to create the end product (movie / blog)
Phase 3 - The Promotion Phase : In which you market your creation (movie / blog) to an audience
And then of course, is the Feedback phase in which the audience verdict is OUT - Good, Bad or Ugly!

Phase 1 - The Ideation Phase
This is probably the most critical phase in the journey of making a movie or a blog. Simply because you need to have an idea for your blog - In terms of the topics of focus for your blog and specifically in terms of the topic for every single blog post of yours! And if you get this RIGHT, your chances of success increase manifold!

Phase 2 - The Creation Phase
For easy of communication and comprehension, refer the comparison below:
In the Movie WorldIn the Blogging World
DirectorBlogger – In terms of making the idea come to life and ensuring that everything needed from the creative or technical side is taken care of
ProducerBlogger – In terms of the investments he / she does to create and maintain the blog (both the design elements and the content)
StoryThis really translates to how the blogger is able to articulate his / her idea into words and the power of the message in the blog!
Actors (Hero / Heroine)The words. Yes! The words you write on your blog are your final actors. You can make them perform the way you want based on your choice of words, your literary elegance and your presentation style
EditorAgain, the blogger itself if he /she does the editorial work or someone else you hire for your editorial efforts
Special EffectsThis can be through pictures, music, podcasts, video blogs, infographics, etc. – You can choose your special effects based on your individual creativity, preference and context.The point to note is that there are several options available and you can decide based on the kind of investments you are willing to make (time and money), your target audience, your objective for the blog and the impact you want to create!
Guest PerformancesDon’t we all like the appearance of a guest actor / star in a movie? Be it for a special song or just to make a point! Sure we do because it’s just so refreshing. So it is with guest blogs.As a blogger, you allow other guest bloggers to write for your blog to bring in diverse points-of-view to your audience. Also, not to mention the actual effort of creating the content (which becomes a challenge after a while) is the responsibility of the guest bloggerAlso, as a blogger you probably also write guest posts for other blogs because your able to enhance your brand and reach a wider audience with minimum time and efforts (as someone else is finally responsible and accountable) for the end product

Phase 3 - The Promotion Phase
This is probably the most important phase as it determines the results that your efforts yield. Firstly, you need to be clear about who your target audience is. And then you need to define and execute a well-integrated marketing plan to promote your blogs. So for e.g: You need to send an e-mail about your blog or share it on FaceBook or ask some celebrity (online / offline) to share your blogs on Twitter, etc etc. While there are many channels, what's impoartant is to decide on the key (say 3) channels you will leverage for your promotional activities...
And once you're blog is released, all you can do is to hope that your readers will enjoy your blog.. you work of art.. or your BLOG-ART!

What do you think? Is there a similarity between the blogging and movie world? Leave a comment to let me know

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  1. What a fab comparision, Nischala. Heroes and heroines and the occasional villain too in the form of spammers!

  2. Hi Nischala,

    Interesting comparison here and your conveyed it well.


  3. A movie is a great analogy for blogging! As I was putting together my 31 Days To A More, Nutritious You Series I really did conduct this series in the same way that I would create a movie if I was a Producer. I just hope that after people read my entire series on nutrition that they will opt for healthier movie snacks! ;)

    Healthy Blessings,

    1. Gena - I've read a few of your posts, and bookmarked the link for future reference. Personally. I loved the details, depth and all that you shared. You created a block buster movie, dear producer :).. And look forward to many more productions. Happy blogging

  4. Loved Corinne's idea of villains.
    Nischala, you have a fine art of making the most difficult thing look simple. love to read your blogs dear.
    And if anyone asks you what a blog is, tell them to read of of yours and they are sure to understand it.

    1. Thank you Kalpana. You made my day. I wonder why THE VILLIAN did not occcur to me.. May be as I've had very few? These are people who don't even goto a computer, so I can't get them to read my blogs! I sometimes printout stuff and give them to read.. Yes! such people exist. It takes all kind to make the *REAL WORLD* :)

  5. Nischala, I had never thought of it this way but the comparison was great. Now, I know what to do when someone asks me about blogging :) In fact, I am going to share this post with my family right now :)

  6. Neat analogy and you dare to say that you are not a movie buff, you have gotten all aspects of film making spot on and the comparisons with movie making and blogging, simply awesome

    1. Thanks Jairam for your kind words.. And let me say I look forward to your comments :).. You're spoiling all bloggers by being a regular, you're making all of us develop bad habits by expecting a comment from you :).. You've set the bar for yourself way up there - my friend!

  7. Wow! What a wonderful and a creative comparison of the two. This would have certainly inspired a lot of non-bloggers to explore our blog world! :)

    1. :) Thanks Shilpa .. I hope so.. I think blogging done in the right spirit is probably one of the best gifts anyone can give themselves.. and yes! more the merrier - don't you think?

  8. Completely agree :) I am a director/producer...yay!! :D